30 First Date Do’s and Don’ts for Girls

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A guy has just asked you out for a date and you don’t know what to do? Here are 30 tips to prepare you for the event.

1. Don’t go out on a date unless you’re ready for a relationship now.
2. Don’t go out on a date out of courtesy, i.e. if you’re not really interested in the guy.
3. Don’t go out on a date with a guy you know very little about. I don’t need to tell you how dangerous it can be.
4. Don’t wear something too revealing. You know what it signals.
5. Don’t wear too formal/gorgeous. You don’t want him to assume undue importance. ;)
6. Wear something you’re comfortable in. You don’t want to shiver all evening in your attempt to be sexy on a winter date.
7. Don’t wear too much makeup. That’s crass.
8. Don’t be fashionably late. No, it’s not fashionable at all (Not beyond the first 5 minutes anyway).
9. Don’t be nervous. He asked for it. (I hope. :P)
10. Smile.
11. Maintain eye contact. No one likes overly shy girls anymore.
12. Have a creative plan for the evening. The restaurant is not the only place you can go. Your favourite play, an exhibition or that antique coffee shop could be great for dates too.

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13. Don’t suggest any of these before he asks. You’ll come across as overeager.
14. Don’t suggest an exuberantly expensive option if asked. He might insist on paying for everything in the end.
15. Don’t be shy if he tells you to choose the dishes and drinks. Go ahead.
16. Don’t drink too much. You don’t want to forget his name. During the date, that is.
17. Don’t leave your drink. You don’t know him. I don’t want to scare you but suffice it to say that it’s not advisable.
18. Don’t dribble food down your front. Okay I’m joking. :D

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19. Your objective is to have a great, engaging conversation. Steer towards that with everything you say.
20. Don’t ask him about his past relationships. Not the best topic for a first date.
21. Don’t mention any of your past boyfriends even by mistake. “Hey! You know this dish was XYZ’s favorite.” No, you don’t want that.
22. Don’t ask too many questions. No one likes all the attention on themselves. Have a relaxed, natural conversation.
23. Don’t ask too much about his work. You don’t want to look like a gold-digger.
24. Don’t ask about his parents or family. It’s too early and you’re not your mother.
25. Ask about his hobbies and interests, his taste for movies/books etc. This kind of topics help people open up. You’d strike the best chord if you can make him enjoy talking.
26. If he asks you something about yourself don’t ramble.
27. Do offer to split the bills. No, honestly.
28. Everyone doesn’t have the same beliefs and attitudes. Your actions can be misinterpreted. I know it sounds crazy, but to be on the safe side, don’t hold hands on a first date. (I had once run into the biggest trouble of my life by holding hands on the first date. Surely enough disaster to fill fifty future posts.)
29. Don’t kiss (If we’re talking about India, that is). Not unless you want to come across as the most desperate girl on earth.
29. Most importantly, have a good time. Don’t look at the date as a stressful test that you have to pass. Focus on enjoying yourself.
30. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “30 First Date Do’s and Don’ts for Girls”

  1. People don’t like shy girls anymore? Says who? Ok, I was kidding… :D It is indeed difficult to keep poking someone to keep up something resembling a conversation!!! But a bit shy is a lot sexy :P

    1. There was a time when in India shyness was considered a virtue for women . Looking at your feet while talking to a man was considered graceful and attractive in the way which you’ve mentioned. That’s something that’ll be considered downright ‘abnormal’ now. Today if you look around yourself you’ll find everywhere boldness is ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’, shyness is not. Though of course this varies from place to place. :D
      Thanks a lot for commenting. :) And I know what you mean. ;)

      1. Indeed boldness is ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’but I think while going on a date when no one is around, a guy loves to explore things on his own, i.e. to ask the girl about her, her hobbies and everything, as they some things tastes better when taken slow :-) !!

      2. Indeed boldness is ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’but I think while going on a date when no one is around, a guy loves to explore things on his own and to think himself to be in control, i.e. to ask the girl about her, her hobbies and everything, as they some things tastes better when taken slow :-) !!

        Think of a guy’s perspective looking at a girl in a group of say 5 girls, the most bold girl would be of course the one who would attract attention.

  2. You warned the girl not to hold hands… Is it really that harmful, and potentially able to arouse someone these days??

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