“Does He Like Me?” Heed These 7 Signs

She’s reached her limits. After the deadly dose of ten excruciating helpings, her nerves just won’t take any more of it.

Any more of my Valentine’s Day posts, that is.

She – the mingleness-aspiring single – has threatened to break up with Love in India, if we continue to ignore her existence in the way we have (she alleges) over the last ten Valentine’s Day posts (or two weeks).  

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With that gun pointed at my head, I’ve quickly decided to tackle the question she keeps asking me but I didn’t get a chance to answer as apparently I was “too busy chatting up the Valentines”. The question is:

“Does he like me?”

Without risking any more of her patience, I’ll jump right into the answer.

  1. Talks to you without any reason: Does he keep pinging/texting you but it always seems to be “for no particular reason”? Most guys feel a little shy and nervous around the girl they like. This makes them beat about the bush when they’re talking to her. If a guy seems to really like talking to you, but it’s never “about” anything, watch out.
  2. Gets nervous around you: Next time you’re around him, ask yourself – “Does he like me?” and look for the answer in his body language. Have you noticed how he behaves? That shifty look and blushy smile? Those longing eyes which won’t stop staring at you if it seemed you were not looking?  Shy attraction, coupled with an inability to be open and relaxed usually means he might have something going for you.
  3. Concerned for you: He shows a lot of concern at the slightest sign of any trouble for you.

    “You didn’t come to college today. Are you alright??”

    “What? You lost your notebook? I’ll keep mine photocopied and give it to you first thing tomorrow.”

  4. If he’s one who doesn’t hesitate to involve himself in your troubles just to help you out – he definitely has a thing for you.

  5. Tries to find out if you have a boyfriend: He likes you, so he’s shy around you, so he won’t ask you anything directly. But watch out for questions like:

    “What do you like doing on weekends?”

    “Oh you watched that movie in the theatre? Did you go with your friends?”

    “What are your future plans?”

    While innocent on the surface, the translation of these might read a bit like this:

    “Do you have a boyfriend who you hang out with in the weekends?”

    “Do you have a boyfriend who you go to movies with?”

    “Do you have a boyfriend who you’re planning a future with??? L L”

    Look no further and ask no more, “Does he like me?”

  6. Asks you how to get a girl: Once he’s started to lose is shyness a bit, he tells you that he’s looking for a girl. He describes the attributes of his ideal girl, which – needless to say – match perfectly with yours’. He even asks you if you know someone who would fit his bill.

    If a guy is telling you to find you a girl for him who’s just like you, rest assured – he’s fallen for you.

  7. All his interests seem to match yours: Whenever you mention some interest of yours, he usually echoes.

    “Oh Tom Hanks is my favourite actor too.”

    “What a coincidence! Before you mentioned it I would never think someone from our generation could be as mad about ghazals as I am!”

    Does he like mePhoto by chicago red cross

    If it seems all his interests are miraculously aligned to you, he’s probably quite into you.

  8. If you flirt with others…: There’s this guy you’re really good friends with. You often hang out with him. But whenever you mention him to Mr. Mystery, he falls silent for a moment and then changes the topic. If you’re wondering why, here’s the answer: He’s jealous. Now do you really need to ask again – “Does he like me??” ;)

Okay, Miss. Mingle-minded single? Does that make sense? Would you come back and tell me if they worked? The comments section’s all open for you.

I’ll go try to calm my nerves now. The break-up threat was really a scare.


10 thoughts on ““Does He Like Me?” Heed These 7 Signs”

    1. I’ve already got that feedback as the first comment on the Facebook post on this article, Swapnil. :P
      Don’t worry, all on the way… ;)

  1. Nice article, I had craze to listen Fm before 2 years ago. A day was listing Fm & a RJ shared 3 point to check. Is some one is in love with you! I don’t know 2 point but I just remember 1 point.

    If someone see toward a person. If he/she laugh & he/she teeth show in her smile. It means that person is 100% in love with that person.

      1. nice….work.,,,,,,,,,,truely said.
        ma prblm is i don’t feel shy…to interact with the girls….as per my thinking…i cant take the love(girlfrnd-boyfrnd wala) as a good thing…sometime before i didn’t think this way….a girl from my previous stage of life tought me this….and from the ignition of my life to till now she was the only one whome i proposed…and she had excuses something like ..(luv is vulgur)….i agreed her…that is 7 years before…but i never forget her completely…i tried so hard..in a lot of ways…but i cant…
        obiviously after her there were somegirls whom i supposed to be like…to get rid of her memory..but my individual thinking is that” love held only once,,rest r just a try to recover ur feeling,,,,
        i m very frustrated now…what should i do…rply smartly and in the basis of facts…not for just compontation…plz…
        truly urs…….
        pareshaan aatma.

        1. Dan, you’re in what is called a “rebound phase” now. Your last relationship has gone in a different direction than you expected. You’re shocked, you’re in an emotional confusion. This is a wrong time for you to think about another relationship, “recover your feelings”, so to speak.
          No Dan, love doesn’t happen once. It can happen any no. of times in your life. We, human beings, are designed that way. But yes, just after an unexpected turn to a relationship, like the one you’re going thru – you might feel that way. Trust me, time heals. Two years form now you won’t even remember all this happened.
          Focus on yourself instead. Here are some tips for you:


          All the best. :)

  2. “There’s this guy you’re really good friends with. You often hang out with him. But whenever you mention him to Mr. Mystery, he falls silent for a moment and then changes the topic. If you’re wondering why, here’s the answer: He’s jealous”

    I don’t completely agree with that Sulagna. Changing the topic may not necessarily mean that he’s “jealous.” It could just be he just doesn’t want to waste time sitting there and engaging her while she talks about another guy.. doing so would kill her attraction for him, especially if he starts trying to compare himself to this other guy and he’d be seen as less powerful and probably more as a friend than some hunk of a man. Best thing to do is to in these cases is to ignore what she’s saying and move on to sexier topics…

    1. Hey Joe,
      On the contrary, I think we’re quite on the same page. In the scenario you’ve described – one, he’s feeling irritated by the mention of another guy and two, he feels a tendency to compare himself with him.
      When I say jealous, it may not always mean the guy is jealous of the other guy – he may not even know him, as is the case in the scenario you’ve presented. What I mean is, he feels wronged and slightly angry/irritated/childishly competitive about the possibility that his girl might be interested in some guy more than him.

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