There’s this cute guy/girl you’ve met at school/work/through friends. You two seem to get along really well together. They like you, but you’re not sure if they *like*like you.

If you’re a girl, we’ve already chat about this.

But then your male counterparts started asking the same question.
To all you guys, hoping to have won the heart of a beautiful maiden, here are some signs you should look for when trying to decide whether you’re right, or just another hopeful in her long list. ;)

Does she like mePhoto by 2-Dog-Farm

  1. The eyes: Have you noticed her eyes when she looks at you? What do you read? If things are going for you, you should be able to see an unmistakable glow of embarrassed happiness in there. If her eyes are unable to hold your gaze and flutters here and there as she talks to you, congratulations.
  2. The smile: If that was too confusing, there are easier giveaways you can watch out for. Those thousand splendid Suns for example. The unique smile she flashes you, not the book. This smile is not like the others. The next time you see a girl flashing you a custom light-up-the-whole-room smile, make no mistake – something is up. ;)
  3. The girly gossip: When she’s with her friends, she always finds some excuse to mention you every now and then.  They may not know “officially” that she has a crush on you, but practically everyone knows about it. ;)
  4. The diva: Suddenly she starts paying more attention to her appearance. Especially when she knows she’d meet you. But of course none of her newly acquired accessories adds nearly as much to her beauty as the glow of a new crush writ large on her face.
  5. The excitement: When she meets you she seems a bit confused. Like she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Mildly breathless. Mildly incoherent. Out-of-control excited but failing embarrassingly at hiding it.
  6. The stress: Have you ever met her just after you’d been talking and laughing with other girls? Did her face look like someone had died? Or like someone was about to die? Badly concealed green jealousy when you talk to other girls is one of the surest signs of a really BIG crush. ;)
  7. The hurt: Don’t call/ping/text her for a few days. If the reaction seems just a tad more intense than expected (i.e. starting with talking about how popular you are and ending in sniffles, possibly), there might be something just a tad more than friendship in her heart for you.

Yeah … yeah… I know…I know…

Some of you are nodding your head and saying, “My girlfriend never showed any of these signs.”

Exactly. That’s what the comment section is for. J