From Poland, With Love (Part 1)

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I always believed there’ll be just one guy in my life. Just The Perfect One who I’d fall in love and spend my life with. When I met Karthik on an online dating site 6 years back, I had no doubts that he was that guy. Like all romantic stories, ours started with a juvenile infatuation. But gradually we came to a point where we couldn’t live without video-chatting with each other every day. Like all couples we had fights, we had misunderstandings and “break-ups”. But every time we “broke up” we realized anew that it was impossible for us to live without each other and we’d patch up again.

There was just one glitch. Karthik is from Bangalore, India and I’m from Bobowa, Poland.

We didn’t meet face to face until 2008, when he came to Germany on a project. It was pure bliss. Meeting each other after being in love over the long distance for such a long time made us realize that it was all real. That we actually had the passion for each other that we always thought we had. That our love was of the purest, truest and deepest kind.

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We knew there would be serious resistance to our relationship from his parents’. But we decided we’ll find a way.

In 2009 he had an accident which had him bed-ridden for 6 months. It was at this point that the first signs of real trouble arose. He started lying to me and we started moving away from each other. For example, he gained back his ability to walk within 6 months of the accident (as I later discovered) but at the time for 1.5 years he’d told me that he was not able to walk. I think he just wanted to postpone coming to a decision about me. He wanted me, yet he didn’t know how to be with me.

Cut to 2013. He came to Netherlands for another project and we met for a second time. I felt he’d finally realized that we’d meant for each other and seemed really happy with the prospect of staying with me forever. We realized we still had the same passion, same love, same affection for each other even though 6 years had passed by. Finally – yes, after 6 long years of knowing each other – we had sex. It was the first time for both of us. (Yes, the fact that I’m European doesn’t mean I have to have slept with twenty guys.)

We shopped together, travelled together and did household chores together. Everything seemed perfect. “I’d be crazy to throw so much happiness away. I want to be with you and I’ll find a way,” he said.

But then he went back to India.

As I should probably have known – things weren’t quite the same anymore. I felt he was starting to avoid me once again. I can’t tell you how, but I knew something was wrong. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to give ourselves a break for a week. I stopped contacting him. He mailed me saying, “Does your silence mean you want to break up? If yes tell me, so that I can take a decision on what to do next. My parents, like always, are pressurizing me to have an arranged marriage here.”

I was crazy with anger and pain. I told him to go ahead and marry whoever he wanted.

He broke down. “I’ve never wanted anyone but you Daniela. It’s just that my eldest cousin is getting married. So the pressure on my parents to have me married off is that much more now. Please Dan, find a way for me to get a job there.”

I was already researching potential employers for him here in Poland. I threw all my strength behind that project now.

My efforts finally paid off. I could hardly breathe as I spoke into the phone, “Karthik I’ve found a great opportunity for you at XYZ. A friend of a friend works there. They’re interested in your profile and would like to talk to you!”

What happened next would probably remain the most shocking experience of my life.

“I can never thank you enough for all the selfless effort you’ve put in Dan. But I’m afraid we’ll have to take things a bit slow now. I have too many things to sort out at the moment. I need some time to take the decisions that are best for all of us.”

“All of us? You mean… your parents? Karthik I don’t understand anything.” I was shaking with anger, pain, panic, confusion … I don’t know what else.

I don’t remember much of the words we exchanged over the next few minutes. I just remember telling him again and again that we were each other’s first love. I felt it was impossible for either of us to forget the other over our lifetimes. He apologized and told me he’d let me know his decision.

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I don’t know how I managed to hobble through the next few days, until an email arrived.

“I’ve thought about it a lot. I’m sorry Dan, I don’t think we can be together in this life. I’m helping my parents repay a housing loan they’ve taken for a new house. It’ll take 4 more years for the repayments to finish. it’d be a long time before I can even think of moving out of Bangalore. You’re entitled to a husband, children and a happy life. I can’t keep you waiting forever, especially given that you’re not getting any younger. I guess we’re just not destined to be together, and we’ll have to accept it. But I miss you a lot Dan. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. You’ll always be my best friend.”

It was yet another shock to me. I just couldn’t accept it. I kept pleading with him to rethink. In the meantime his sister found out about us from his computer and told his parents. His mother promptly started threatening suicide if he doesn’t cut off all contacts with me immediately. She apparently even took up a knife and attempted to cut herself in front of the rest of the family.

I don’t know what’s going on. I’m thinking of going to Bangalore and make him and his family understand how deeply I love him. If required I’m ready to stay back in Bangalore with him for the rest of my life.

Please guide me Sulagna.


Bobowa, Poland

10 thoughts on “From Poland, With Love (Part 1)”

    1. Thanks for your support Jitendra. Star-crossed souls like these need all the support and warmth they can get from our Love in India community.

  1. I have a very similar story, I am dying everyday since last few months, I dont know what to say, just speechless. :(

    Life is such a pain, one has to swallow the poison. :(

    1. I understand Kawsar. “Love conquers everything” is a myth that sounds romantic but at the end of the day is just a myth. Reality is sometimes too inevitable, too insurmountable.
      My heart goes out to you Kawsar. All our prayers are with you. I wish you overcome your challenges and can create the life you deserve.

  2. Hi Sulagna.
    Im glad to see story of my bad luck love story with india guy.
    I still cant understand how children in India being mature adult people and still being in fear and afraiding to get out of shadow of parents to pursue own happiness. I dont know why they cant understand that everyone has rights to live the way we r seeing our future, but not through glasses of parents. Still its sad how our love has ended and that he gave up just cose of blackmail of parents.

    Thanks once again for teling about my story to the outside world Sulagna.

    1. Hey M.
      I’m proud of you for having the courage to come out in the open and own up. You’re right – you have nothing to hide here. It’s those who’ve tortured you and taken you for a ride who deserve to feel ashamed.
      You’re a strong woman. You’re honest. You’re pure. You’ll certainly heal yourself one day and snatch the happiness you deserve from the Universe, whereas the one’s who’ve ill-treated you will spend their entire life in futility with people they don’t know and don’t love.
      Stay strong and stay happy.

  3. I am with this girl deeply. She is in pain. She need a guy who understands her pain and sorrow & Grief. I am crying for her bad luck. Love kills emotional people always. The person who is more emotional is always hurt more.

    1. True Jitendra. Her situation is unfortunate. But how ever challenging a situation, we must always strive to learn from it and move forward. And being the strong girl that she is I’m sure Dan would move forward.

  4. I am single .no kids my biggest dreams in the Whole world is to have a India girlfriend from either the Poland this is my biggest wonderfull.dreams in my life and world nations on this earth. I have fallen in with the India/Poland peoples as they kind naturel like me and this dreams of finding us is a kind nature India /Poland two l have dreams all my life………..::::::::::but i won’t responsed to non serious Replies from scammers and con artists!!!!!!!!!!

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