How to Impress a Girl into Liking You: 6 Tips

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My friend Rahul (name changed) has had a crush on Sheetal (name changed) since time immemorial. My guess is that all of his friends, including me, have at some point of time or the other played the relationship counselor to him-giving him suggestions to overcome his shyness, giving him support after the latest rejection, even subtly recommending him to Sheetal! But nothing has changed.

The other day he was asking me for suggestions. I told him, “Nothing changes if nothing changes. We can’t change anything for you. The only thing that can and should change in the whole scheme of things is YOU. If you want I can give you pointers for that.” Read on to find out my top 6 suggestions to him.

  1. Be confident:

    Shy guys don’t get any points from girls. Period. Why would a girl be your girlfriend? Because you’re a man. And being shy takes away significantly from your masculinity, in a girl’s eyes. One of the strategies commonly used for building confidence is projecting yourself as a confident person. Even if you don’t feel confident pretend to be confident-the attitude will probably soon enter your mind.

  2. Don’t brag:

    Bragging is the other extreme which you need to avoid like plague when it comes to impressing a girl. Are you one of those men who think talking about themselves and their achievements is a way of giving the girl reasons to like them? You couldn’t be more wrong. First of all truth speaks for itself. Everyone knows who you are and what you are (at least I hope so). If the girl finds that interesting she’ll be impressed, and if she doesn’t she won’t be. You can’t change anything by your words. Secondly people who brag come across as self-obsessed. At least I wouldn’t think of getting into a relationship with someone who’s so sickly in love with himself that he wouldn’t give me the importance of an equal.

  3. Make her laugh:

    A sense of humor is usually a major turn on for women. Making someone laugh is making a connection with the child inside them. If you can make a girl laugh you’re most likely already in her good books. Besides, every girl wants to be with someone they can look up to and admire. If you’re proud of your intelligence, making her laugh is the best way of showing it off.

  4. Your looks matter:

    If you’re under the impression that only women need to take care of their appearance and look beautiful, think again. A relationship is basically the human, civilized version of the primordial instincts nature has given us. And so looks helps create the first attraction. Pay attention to your clothes, hairstyle etc. before going to meet her.

  5. Praise her looks subtly:

    Nothing makes a girl feel more feminine than her physical beauty being appreciated by a man. Compliment her on her looks confidently. But do it subtly and never do it before you’ve known each other for some time. If she’s really beautiful you need to be extra cautious-she’s too used to compliments and will write you off as just another honey-thirsty bee if the first thing you say to her is a compliment on her looks!

  6. Be a friend:

    If you want to earn a girl’s trust you have to first be her friend. Never make the mistake of hinting her of your romantic ambitions right from the word go. Spend some time getting to know her as a person, finding out about her beliefs, likes and dislikes, ambitions, hobbies and philosophy of life. If you have taken due care to really understand her, you’re almost sure to earn her affection in the near future.

Anything important that I missed out?


30 thoughts on “How to Impress a Girl into Liking You: 6 Tips”

        1. go to her and say that i love you and the see her reaction till 2-3days you will know that is she loves you or not if yes then she will say to you same thing

  1. You have got some real good stuff man..
    Ill be sure to imply this stuff on myself and see what would be the results..
    Thanks by the way! :)

  2. As much as I agree with most of what you have said, I think you have made some huge assumptions here. The most important one of them being the assumption that the guy is shy and the girl is super-confident and able to carry herself well. I don’t think that’s applicable in all cases.

    1. Hey Rohit, Thanks a lot for bringing out an important point.
      Yes I have focussed on a certain scenario – namely, that of a shy guy approaching a relatively more confident girl. But you see, in our country (with the no. of “available” girls being limited due to our conservative culture) this is the most common scenario among young adults. Hence I’ve addressed it. You’re right, the topic does have more scope and I promise to write about the other side of the story some time soon. :)

    1. Kamal you have to talk to her.
      Here’s what you need: Proposing a girl – tips for overcoming shyness
      Mustering up the courage to approach a girl is the first step. Talk to her. Get to know her a little. Chat with her online if you can:

      Facebook dating etiquette – Part 1
      Facebook dating etiquette – Part 2

      Finally, here are a lot more tips to help you out:

      How to Impress a Girl into Liking You: 6 Tips
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      Let me know how things go. :)

      1. It is a very good post.I liked it .But i have a problem can you solve it?
        I like a girl very much and want to propose her.But I don’t know whether she likes me or not.I have never talked to her. One thing I know that when she sees me smiles.please help me on this.

  3. hii I loVe One GirL nd She is also little intrested in me but i praposed her by giving a letter nd choclate but she rejected after few days i proposed her directly but she is very shy nd i asked for a friend but she is refusing me.
    please help me …

  4. hi sheetal,
    your words are bit inspiring and are encouragious enough to boost the inner suppressed lov of anyone (mine). you know i am in love with a girl, to whom i love madly but never ever talked to her, i don’t have wrong intensions , i just want her to be mine . and for your surprisement i never ever dared to talk to her. she is my classmate and i love her. i revealed this to her friend and she conveyed my love to her , that is , she know that i love her……………………….
    but i don’t have courage to face her.
    please help me out ……………………………………… friend

  5. I want to know if the girl is very sensitive over little things as well as of shy nature, then how to talk with different topics with them and propose her to be my girlfriend ?

  6. Maybe good for girls outside India but for Indian girls get these:
    Money and education.
    then go directly approach her, she will accept the proposal 99%. Have fun and then split up saying “For our good I don’t think we should be together” etc.
    Works every time for me ;)

  7. Hi my name is jordan and I love a girl she is my class mate we study in same college I had a crush on her and she is a bit of shy girl and who offen get scared like if teacher ask her if she don’t get anything etc I love her once o had given chocolate as she had helped me but like a dumb I gave her by one of her friend by things went worst as all my friends came to know that I love her late one of her friend went and told her she acted to demanded like he should come with a rose get this and all but not asked too seriously later she was in front of me her friend ask me do you love her I said nor yes nor no with wht she told no when her friend asked her later I tried to ask her friend to hep me out to get her she was too frank enough to say that she only accepts you as a friend now all things have been solved to some extent so now we are hi bye friends plz help me wht to do

  8. i am studying in 12 th standard i was hardly loving a girl for 3-4 months who is studying with me in a tutorial.past month i had told it to her.especially she was not a friend of mine and i.dont talk with her either.But she reacted to me very rudely and she will tell it to somepeople and not to disturb her and also said that she had a boyfriend.Should i believe her that she said was truth or not or please give me a suitable reply.. i really love her a lot but she doesnt like me

  9. I am loving a girl who is studying in a tutorial with me.1 month. ago I tell this to her she rejected this strongly. she said she doesn’t like to love and.also if I disturb her by saying this and tell it to others and create problem to me.what should I do to reverse this.I love her a lot.

  10. Hiii
    I love a girl she is in my tuition from many days but I didn’t talk to to her because I don’t know the topic that use to talk with her and she also didn’t talk to me please tell me what to do

  11. doing friendship is good things . most of the boy’s like some girl but they are shy of telling her felling to the one whom they like thinking that they might be rejected . first of all there is no one in this world who don’t like to do friendship matters the way you have been with for so many days .. your personality etc .. if you take my suggestion please go and tell her boldly that you want to be her friend and at you must mention that to tell this had been acquiring courage for a long time………..

    …….. and go away from there silently …..
    you be 2 to 3 days unseen from her and then see the result ….

  12. i am in love with my classmate i dont know her name because i have joined that collage 3 days before i want her to be my girlfriend please give me some tips for it

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