Love Story 5


me: hii

5:30 PM Sonali: hii :)

so…back from the trip?

me: yeah

wat u doing miss?

Sonali: Facebooking, like alwz :D .. aur bataao…how ws the trip?


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me: ok ok

nothing interesting there

Sonali: :D

Put the pics on FB I’ll have a look… Waise what’s there to see in Lonavala?

me: didnt click any pics :(

Nothing much.

Sonali: oh now i understand.


me: wat u understand??

5:35 PM Sonali: matlab u said “i didnt click any pics” .. from that i understood ke “Nothing much to see”

me: ha ha

am not very shutter happy

Sonali: okk..

5:36 PM me: u shud go to lonavala during rains

and igatpuri …

they become beautiful in rains

lush green

Sonali: rains have not started yet in mumbai?

5:37 PM me: nah

2 weeks more i guess

Abhi toh .. its all hot n humid

5:39 PM so…

how was ur weekend?

Sonali: kind of boring…

me: hmmm

5:41 PM I’m so tired … wish i had a neck n back massge

5:42 PM Sonali: disadvantages of living alone in a foreign land.

Arre tell me naa, what all u saw…must’ve seen SOMETHING.

5:45 PM me: are

i have been to Lonavala many times

u wanna see Lonavala .. will take u smtime

so wht r u getting me from faridabad?

5:53 PM Sonali: wht do u want?

me: why wud i tell u

Sonali: ab…guess karna padhega? :D

5:54 PM mithai leke jayenge..aur kya? :P

me: ha ha

wanna make me fatter??

Love in IndiaPhoto by jenny downing

Sonali: lolzzzzz…

5:56 PM no..if u eat my future cooking then u’ll hate me…so trying to compensate wid the mithai.


me: aha

r u a bad cook?

5:57 PM Sonali: er…i have never cooked for anyone other than myself in the last 4 5 yrs. :D

me: but the very fact is that u wud cook for me … wud itself make it tasty miss


Sonali: :P.. ok what do u wanna eat?

me: come here first

and then we can decide

and cook together

so..when r u coming?

Sonali: arre yaar I don’t know that yet. They haven’t told anything.

me: ok

6:04 PM 5-7 i am going to hyd

so wont b thr that weekend

Sonali: okk..for work?

me: nah

friend’s wedding

so other than that week

i hav time hi time

6:06 PM Sonali: great :)

me: if u r free thats it

6:07 PM Sonali: I’ll be free of course

me: great

Sonali: But I’ll be homesick L

6:08 PM me: wud u b less homesick if u r with me?

Sonali: i certainly hope so. :D

me: and why u hope so?


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