How to Propose a Girl on Facebook – Part 1

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So you’re dating online? And you’ve been so successful that you now want to propose a girl on Facebook? Great. I know you’d been waiting for some Golden Rules of Proposing a Girl on Facebook for quite some time (if the search phrases which bring you to this website are anything to go by ;)). And your day has finally come.

Today’s post is the first part of a two-part series on how to propose a girl on Facebook. But before going into the exact methods of proposing a girl on Facebook, I’ve decided to lay down some basic rules of Facebook dating. I cannot emphasize the importance of these rules enough when it comes to striking the right chord with a girl you’ve met on The Social Network.

I know, ’cause I got hitched through Facebook.  

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Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#1. Watch her profile

We keep a tab on our friends’ updates but we typically don’t check their “About” and “Liked pages” much. Go through every detail in her profile carefully. This would help her know her as a person – her tastes, preferences, beliefs and worldview. The rule of thumb is that you should know every piece of info about her that is available in public domain (The “public domain” bit is important. Stalking is not recommended. ;)) Use this info in online conversations with her. When your knowledge of her as a person shows through, she’d know you’re really – like really – interested in her. Talk about doing a thorough research on a potential employer before interviewing with them? ;)

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#2. Watch your albums

Go through you albums. If there’s any photo which you wouldn’t want her to see (e.g. those of your ex-girlfriend, or documentation of the effects of excessive amounts of alcohol on you. ;)), hide it. Disable your friends tagging you in photos if need be. Remember – this is not about painting a false picture of yours, but about making the efforts to impress her that she expects you to make. I for one would be disappointed if a guy expressing serious romantic interest in me lets his ex-girlfriend’s pictures hang out there. Does that mean I expect him to have had zero relationships in the past? No. It means I expect him to put in efforts to impress me, and he’s falling short.

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Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#3. Don’t brag

One of the top dating mistakes men make is trying to impress her too directly – in other words, through sheer bragging. Facebook has come to provide the official bragging forum to many, but when it comes to impressing a girl “First promotion within the first two years – check!” is not the best status message to post. If you’re itching to post some recent development in your life that you’re proud of, don’t. Tell her personally instead. Being the first person to know about it will make her feel special.

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#4. Be who you are

An oft-repeated but crucial rule of dating – online or otherwise – is being genuine. Your Facebook profile – all public info, status updates, photos – should paint the true picture of you as a person. Now does that mean you make all your personal info public? No. If you’re uncomfortable sharing any info, remain silent, but don’t try to paint a false picture. A guy I’d met had a Facebook date of birth three years later than his real one. No prizes for guessing we didn’t proceed much. Painting a false picture gets you only till the first few face-to-face meetings, no further. ;)

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#5. Stop random tagging

Don’t tag her on your aesthetically profound works of photography, performed with domesticated and wild forms of photography around you (i.e. photos of your cute dog and the creeper around your window grills). No one likes to get 47 notifications a day. The only thing over-tagging can earn you is irritation from her.  

Have you ever dated anyone through Facebook? How did it go? Share your experiences through comments as you wait for How to Propose a Girl on Facebook – Part 2

13 thoughts on “How to Propose a Girl on Facebook – Part 1”

        1. Is that girl s ur friend…??
          If she s ur friend means just know about her thoroughly wat she like? Etc.
          And then talj with her daily
          especially try to talk in night time
          But talk casually for few days
          After that she itself will be waiting for ur call
          Wen u come to know that she s waiting
          Y just start to talk romantically
          In the case if u both were fighting
          U be compremise with her
          U alsi dint fight with her
          Because basically girls wont like tat
          After some days
          Edit her pic nicely with some love crames and icons of love
          And after tat impress her by telling
          ” u r the beautiful ”
          And then edit ur pic and her puc together and send to her
          If she dint sat anything means she is loving u
          If not means say sorry ti her and tell her tat ” i just sumply did that”
          And then try to umpress her more by gifting her and giving her some surprises and soo on…
          It wil take some time
          Be with confidence that ” she will love me”
          And think about her daily,
          And think wat we can do the next day and do that
          Is there any best friends for her means
          Dont leave them try to get a good impression from them
          Tat wil help u wen u r proposing her

          Try dis method and be confident
          AllThe Best

  1. Being true to your own heart and showcasing the genuine You is the only mantra…….
    Go and speak your heart out ……..
    If your love is true she will see it in your eyes ………

    1. That’s ALWAYS true Ajiteja, but only after the relationship has attained at least some depth.
      Sad, but being totally straightforward and wearing your love-struck silly heart on your crumpled sleeve may not always help at the very beginning. That’s why the techniques. :)

  2. i saw a girl and i m in love with her, she studies with me at tution class but teacher is much strict, she is not even on fb and my height is also smaller than her but negligible i know her address (home or other tution, not sure) i know her route from tution to that address i want to purpose her for friendship plz help me she is my first love and will last forever for her. my real nick name is deep…..????

    1. If u know the route from her tution to her home address means first follow her one day
      And watch tat there wil be any problem in tat route for eg : her dad s cuming in tat route, or any other friends are cuming to see he like tat,

      Then see whether she s going somewhere to some shop or anywhere after her tution is over
      And then u go to tat way daily and follow her daily
      The main thing is tat
      She want to k ow about u but u should not tel her directly
      And then after some days u go and talk with her and try to propose her differently in the roed
      Try this ,
      All The Best

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