How to Propose a Girl on Facebook – Part 2

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How’re you doing today penguins?
After a round of general Facebook dating etiquette in our last post today is … another round of the same, in part 2 of our How to Propose a Girl on Facebook series. :D

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#6. Stop over-posting

Three status messages a day is not cool. You don’t want to tell her that you’re a bored jobless soul spending your life on Facebook (and if you ask me, this goes for everyone – trying to impress a girl or not). 3-4 posts a week is what is optimal, if you ask me. If your posting urges get the better of you, 1 per day should be your upper cut-off.

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#7. Don’t over-interact

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for some time would be familiar with this re and re-re emphasized relationship rule of mine:

Women want men, not boys.

Slavish over-eager behaviour will never get you the girl of your dreams. Liking and commenting on every single status update/photo of hers screams, “I’m desperate!” Not the message she expects from the confident, self-sufficient and mature guy she’s looking for. Engage in public interactions only when you genuinely have a thought to convey.

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Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#8. Disagree … in style

This is an extension of my earlier point. There’s no need to agree with each status message of hers (assuming she occasionally makes posts that one can agree or disagree to, in addition to the regular “had a great weekend with friends” ones :D). That speaks of the kind of slavishness she detests. Every now and then (again, not every time) politely show her the “other point of view” if you can. Personality, independent thinking and confidence in one’s own judgements is a combination more women than you think would die for.

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#9. Don’t over-socialize … with her girlfriends

Don’t send friend requests to other girls on her profile. Take it from me – she will visit your profile and check out common friends.

Every day.

How to propose a girl on FacebookPhoto by _Max-B

If she finds her girlfriends gradually adding to that population, she’d mark you as just another guy out for some casual thrill of online dating.

And stop replying to your messages.

OK, she might. :D

Propose a girl on Facebook Rule#10. Don’t propose her publicly!

Breach of privacy is the first thing that causes strife between people on Facebook. Do not post anything publicly on her profile that conveys your more-than-friendship feelings to her friends before they’re conveyed to her. Follow the general thumb-rule of playing safe so far as your public interactions with her are concerned.   

The bad news is, that’s the end of the Facebook dating etiquette sessions. The good news is, we’d now go on to talk about some really creative ways of proposing a girl on Facebook.

In the next post. :D

Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “How to Propose a Girl on Facebook – Part 2”

  1. hmm well I think this is perfect idea “Don’t propose her publicly!” I understand everyone can make fun while proposing so I will be aware about it & won’t propose any girl on facebook in publicly :)

    1. If there’s ONE word (well, sentence :D) of advice I had to give you for impressing a girl, it would be this:

      Women want men, not boys.

      Here’s the first thing that you need – overcoming your lack of confidence. Proposing a Girl-Tips for Overcoming Shyness

      Always remember the following:

      Women want men, not boys.

      Be proud of who you are and show it. Inner confidence is always the first thing that helps cinch the deal for a guy.
      Here are some more tips to help you out:

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      Let me know how things go. :)

  2. Hey there, I have a problem I send message to a girl who was school friend of mine.She hasn’t accepted my friend request.But she reads messages I sent through chat.She is a typical indian girl with family pressures.You can understand what I mean.I can assure you that she lives in a small town.I can guarantee that she never spoken to any male except her work.

    I am kinda settled (financially) now.I am an average indian lookwise.I sent her a letter (miss you letter) old fashioned way and then send her facebook friend request(I know its wiered).She is not on my friend list but she read messages I sent (around 4 total).She reads my messages from the “Other box” in Facebook.Since it do not goes to her inbox.Should I continue texting her?Is she not intrested.I want to marry her not “Timepass”.Help me.What should I do?

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