Valentine’s Day Card Workshop 1 – You Make My Heart Alive

Valentine’s Day is just about a week away and I know you’re looking for some truly novel, truly great ideas to wow your special someone this 14th Feb.

Roses and chocolate are ok, but I’m sure you’d want to give your special someone something more this 14th Feb – something that will truly touch their heart. When it comes to gifting, no amount of money can replace the time, effort and thoughts you put into it. To help you create the most romantic surprise for him/her this Valentine’s Day, I’m starting today with a series of workshops for making entirely original and creative Valentines Day Cards. 

The best thing about these is they all take less than 10 minutes to make, and you don’t need to be a pro (if you know anything about me, you know that I’m not a pro). What’s more – they can be made from absolutely everyday stationary and I promise that the tools needed will never go beyond a pair of scissors, glue and maybe an occasional ruler (I don’t have any other tools than these myself). 

So let’s get started with the first. 

Today’s card is called “You make my heart alive”, and here’s what it looks like:

Valentine's Day Card

Things you’ll need: 

1. White paper, a bit hard – you can get blank card material paper at any stationery shop. 

2. Post-its. The 2.5 cm by 7.5 cm strips variety. 

3. Scissors.

4. Glue

5. A pencil. 

6. Coloured pens (Optional, for decoration)

Valentine’s Day card 1 step 1: Choose your favourite set of coloured post-its. 

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card 1 step 2: Take one post-it of each colour and hold them aligned. 

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card 1 step 3: Fold them twice on to each other to make two equidistant creases. 

Valentine's Day Card Valentine’s Day card 1 step 4: Fold the folds on to each other so that each little square(ish) plane of paper coincides. 

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card 1 step 5: Cut them up carefully to have 9 equal-sized square pieces of coloured paper. 

Valentine's Day Card
Valentine’s Day card 1 step 6: You’ll eventually cut these 9 squares into 9 heart-shapes of different colours. Draw a symmetrical heart-shape carefully with a pencil on one of them. 

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card 1 step 7: Align all the pieces, with the one with the heart on top.

Valentine's Day Card

 Valentine’s Day card 1 step 8: Fold the entire set in half, from the middle.

Valentine's Day CardValentine’s Day card 1 step 9: Cut them up carefully in the shape of the heart you drew. You need to be careful to cut 9X2=18 layers of hard post-it into symmetrical pieces. 

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day card 1 step 10: Here. You have 9 (almost) identical colourful hearts.Now stick them on in a random fashion to a piece of white art paper to create the perfect romantic hand-made card for your Valentine this 14th Feb. :)

Valentine's Day Card

Here’s just an example. Don’t forget to go crazy with the message!

Want more card options? Try Valentine’s Day Card 2 – You Are Stuck in My Heart.