20 New Year Promises You Should Never Make Your Husband

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Hey penguins!

This is my last post of the year.

While waving goodbye to 2012, I’m reminded of the legendary New Year Resolutions my friend Amrita made towards the end of one of the last few years. She took something in some New Year’s Eve party (I’ve naturally forgotten to ask what) which compelled her to write a love-spiked letter to her husband with twenty resolutions for the New Year.

New year promises to husbandPhoto by Ilse

I think you’ve guessed that those twenty promises went down as the twenty biggest mistakes of 20xx (whatever that year was).

Keeping Amrita in mind, here’s the last bit of relationship/marriage wisdom of 2012:

Girls (wives), however drunk you get in the New Year’s Eve party, don’t make any of these 20 promises to your husband for the New Year!

  1. I’ll never let you do household chores anymore. Your career is already stressing you.
  2. I’ll buy the grocery myself. I understand you’re exhausted after a day’s work.
  3. I won’t play “Who can find the most faults in her husband” with the girls. You’re the best husband in the world.
  4. I’ll spend more time with your family. I’m grateful they brought you up.
  5. I’ll have my mother visit us less often. I don’t want you to feel bored.
  6. I’ll visit my mother less often. You need me more than she does.
  7. I’ll sell the TV. It’s such a time-waster.
  8. I’ll add up the proceeds with my savings and buy you a Play Station 4. You need to unwind sometimes.
  9. If you’re late, I’ll never again call up all the hotels in town. If you’re cheating, it’s my shortcoming, not yours.
  10. I’ll never try to find out exactly how much you earn. You’re entitled to keep that to yourself.
  11. From now on, I’ll take more interest in real estate and stock markets. I’ve come to realize that these are crucial parts of life one should know about.
  12. I’ll improve my driving skills and help you on our weekend trips. You too are entitled to a nap during the drive.
  13. I won’t bore you with stories of what my best friends bought for their birthdays. I respect your patience.
  14. When it comes to my birthday, I’ll never demand any gifts from you. Love resides in the heart, not in the wallet.
  15. I’ll never throw a tantrum if you forget our anniversary. What’s in a date?
  16. I’ll not nag you for giving up smoking. While it breaks my heart to watch you invite lung cancer, I don’t want to irritate you into a cerebral attack either.
  17. We’ll watch more sci-fi and action movies. I’m bored with romance and family.
  18. We’ll dedicate a weekend per month to watching football. I’ve just realized it’s the next best thing on earth after shopping. Which reminds me…
  19. I’ll never drag you along on my shopping trips. I realize that it doesn’t provide you enough intellectual stimulation. And last but not the least…
  20. By the end of 2013, I’ll quit shopping. What’s in a bit of bling?

With that, I’m off to my year-end vacation.

See you in 2013!

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