Are All Arranged Marriages Bad?

arranged marriage

I was having the good old love vs arranged marriage debate with a friend a few days back (Yes. Again.) His point was – isn’t dating similar to arranged marriages? A modern arranged marriage is about meeting different people shortlisted by your parents based on certain preset criteria, getting to know them over a period of time and finally selecting one of them. How different is that from inputting certain criteria on a dating website, …

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Q&A:My Girlfriend is Still Not Over Her Ex’s Death

Should I break up

Q: I have been in a relationship with a girl for the last two months. The thing is, her ex boyfriend died two years back. Now, I’m willing to handle this. But of late she’s started feeling like all of her feelings died with him, that she can never truly love anyone ever again. I really care for her. What should I do?  – Anonymous Photo by Love is the key A: When a couple …

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Your How-to Guide to Info on The Fly: Guialis


It was a cosy Saturday afternoon. The hubby and I had been to an art exhibition with friends. By the time we left, our hearts were full with the satisfaction of a Saturday well spent. Our stomachs, however, were far from it and kept pushing us towards the idea of a good old round of tea and snacks, holiday style. After a wild goose chase for the perfect coffee shop of about 20 minutes, we …

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Of Cupcakes, Lethargy & That Distance That Grows Longer

The Silence

You close your eyes. You take a deep breath. You turn your thoughts to cupcakes, the countryside and other good things of life. You wish the real world would magically disappear from in front of your eyes. Or at least your exam results would. Or that email full of “feedback” from your boss. You know the feeling, don’t you? That moment when you keep avoiding reality believing it’s somehow less disastrous if you don’t know …

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Q&A. My Boyfriend is Obsessed with My Past Sexual Partners

Past Sexual Partners

Q. Sulagna, I am facing serious problems in my relationship now which are affecting the relationship and also both of us. A few details on our background: My boyfriend is also my colleague. He is a Tamil Hindu living with his parents. I am a catholic from Mangalore, Karnataka. His is a very traditional and orthodox family while mine’s quite liberal. Our relationship has now become a torture for me. It is almost a year …

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It was Me

It was me

I was there behind the glowing sun. Wrapped in secret winds, The unborn future of a dormant seed. Veiled by vibrant butterfly wings Perhaps it was me. Perhaps it was me in the skies When the clouds swam by.   In boundless deserts, My thirst buried in sand – You never knew. I was the name of the nameless text, The untold desire of your desolate heart. The slave legions in the Emperor’s kingdom – …

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How to Deal with Mother-in-law: 9 Steps

How to deal with mother-in-law

Oh yes. That eternally perplexing question of married Indian women, “How to deal with mother-in-law?” Before we dive into this explosive topic, here are a few disclaimers. ;) Disclaimer 1: This is not about all mothers-in-law. Only the kind which made you google “How to deal with mother-in-law”. :D Disclaimer 2: If you’re a guy, this is not about your mother but the mothers of all those other married men you know. :P You can …

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30 Life Lessons No Self-Help Book will Teach You

Life lessons

After a long, ill-advised absence from the cyber-space, I’m back with a deluge of life-changing advice for the gullible. Do “life lessons” change lives? Not unless you’re gullible enough to believe them wholeheartedly. (Hint: The best thing to do with the next 30 bullet points is to not believe them, ’cause if you do, they might change the way you look at life!)   With that disclaimer, here goes: Life is not fair. (Yeah that’s …

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For You, O Unborn

For you I wait, O Unborn. My dreams resplendent with hope. Tiny shoes, toys, dolls … I hoard it all. I hoard it all, even though it’s a waste. Nightmares haunt me. I see you. “Why bring me into your wasted world?” You demand.   “Do you want their jealousy to burn away my innocent face?” “Their rage to destroy the fruit of your love?” “Their lust to spew venom inside its tender flesh?” The …

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The Tale of Four Hearts (Part 2)

Love story

[Continued from here.] Sheetal had never been a very close friend of mine. We had each other’s phone numbers – just in case – and our communication was limited to forwarded SMSs, a few times a month perhaps. So I was taken aback when one of these difficult days Sheetal messaged me asking me to remove all her photos and other traces from Rahul’s computer. “It’s over,” She ended. “But …what the….???” I was immediately …

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