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Want to give your special one a sweet surprise? Mail your dedications to me @ and I’ll post them here.
Please mention the phrase “Love in India Dedications” in the subject.
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Enjoy the lovely dedications. :)

To Anwesha,
I’m sitting here staring at this dumb screen,
Waiting for u as I’ve always been…
This wall of glass, so small, yet strong,
Holding us back, far too long.
Counting moments I breath without u,
I tell my soul I’ll soon be with u.
But with every step i take,
I fall behind a step further.
With the sacrifices i make
The horizon seems to get darker.

I want the glass between us shattered,
I want the devil sick and battered,
I want the cupid back again,
Singing and dancing in the rain.
I want the sky to brighten up,
As stars and moon light her up.
I want the flowers to blossom once more,
Bringing in delights to our door.

Now close your eyes and draw me closer,
And let my thoughts fill your heart.
All through night, I’ll hug u tight
And remind you what you are worth.
My shivering lips, a secret keeps;
To which entitled art thou.
As my mouth goes dumb and I turn numb,
Let my heart talk to you…

-Your Niladri
Apr. 11, 2013

To Uzma Anjum,
From the deep corner of my heart,I would like to thank for every thing that you are doing for me. It is my honor to be your husband and I appreciate your level of patience and moral support that you have shown me from the beginning. I know I am very rude but I love you a lot and you know it. The one sentence I want to say you that never leave me alone in my happiness as well in my bad times. Love you my sweet heart…

-Your Riyaz ( Md Riyaz Alam)
May 15,2013

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  1. My Tamanna (Neha),
    Happy Birthday dear. Your second birthday.. with me.. actually third.. but first one was just wishing you like others.. shaking hands with a smile.. But thereafter your smiling face all over my mind… Your are the only awesomee human being whom I met.. and loads of thanks to god.. i fell in love with you.. Please be there with me always.. in all lives which i may get.. and please make in fall in love with you everyday more and more.. as you do now.. Tujhme woh sab kuch hain jo mujhe deewane rakh e rakhe saari umar.. har janam..

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