Love Story 5

me: hii

5:30 PM Sonali: hii :)

so…back from the trip?

me: yeah

wat u doing miss?

Sonali: Facebooking, like alwz :D .. aur bataao…how ws the trip?


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me: ok ok

nothing interesting there

Sonali: :D

Put the pics on FB I’ll have a look… Waise what’s there to see in Lonavala?

me: didnt click any pics :(

Nothing much.

Sonali: oh now i understand.


me: wat u understand??

5:35 PM Sonali: matlab u said “i didnt click any pics” .. from that i understood ke “Nothing much to see”

me: ha ha

am not very shutter happy

Sonali: okk..

5:36 PM me: u shud go to lonavala during rains

and igatpuri …

they become beautiful in rains

lush green

Sonali: rains have not started yet in mumbai?

5:37 PM me: nah

2 weeks more i guess

Abhi toh .. its all hot n humid

5:39 PM so…

how was ur weekend?

Sonali: kind of boring…

me: hmmm

5:41 PM I’m so tired … wish i had a neck n back massge

5:42 PM Sonali: disadvantages of living alone in a foreign land.

Arre tell me naa, what all u saw…must’ve seen SOMETHING.

5:45 PM me: are

i have been to Lonavala many times

u wanna see Lonavala .. will take u smtime

so wht r u getting me from faridabad?

5:53 PM Sonali: wht do u want?

me: why wud i tell u

Sonali: ab…guess karna padhega? :D

5:54 PM mithai leke jayenge..aur kya? :P

me: ha ha

wanna make me fatter??

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Sonali: lolzzzzz…

5:56 PM no..if u eat my future cooking then u’ll hate me…so trying to compensate wid the mithai.


me: aha

r u a bad cook?

5:57 PM Sonali: er…i have never cooked for anyone other than myself in the last 4 5 yrs. :D

me: but the very fact is that u wud cook for me … wud itself make it tasty miss


Sonali: :P.. ok what do u wanna eat?

me: come here first

and then we can decide

and cook together

so..when r u coming?

Sonali: arre yaar I don’t know that yet. They haven’t told anything.

me: ok

6:04 PM 5-7 i am going to hyd

so wont b thr that weekend

Sonali: okk..for work?

me: nah

friend’s wedding

so other than that week

i hav time hi time

6:06 PM Sonali: great :)

me: if u r free thats it

6:07 PM Sonali: I’ll be free of course

me: great

Sonali: But I’ll be homesick L

6:08 PM me: wud u b less homesick if u r with me?

Sonali: i certainly hope so. :D

me: and why u hope so?


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Long Distance Relationships: 5 Basic Principles

June 2009.
I was about to leave for IIM Ahmedabad in a few days.
And my then boyfriend and I were both immersed in oceans of tears.
With young people becoming more ambitious and willing to move cities for work/studies, long distance relationships and associated challenges are becoming increasingly common. Here’s the first instalment of a series on long distance relationships.

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The first step to make a long distance relationship work is to really understand and acknowledge the fact that it takes special efforts. If, for example, you and your significant other are college classmates and are meeting each other every day, by default you hardly need any extra efforts to keep the relationship going. The situation changes dramatically as soon as the relationship becomes long distance. Most long distance relationships which fail are the ones where the couple fails to realize that the situation has changed and they need to do something about it.


You have to talk to each other every day, for at least 30 min/1 hour. It might seem too long to some of you. But it’s important to talk for a long time, as people don’t open up until they’ve talked for some time. The initial 5 minutes of a conversation are often spent in hi-hello-‘how’re you’s. If you don’t spend at least 30 minutes you won’t know about what’s really going on in the other person’s mental world, the concerns that they have, what they really feel about you etc. We unknowingly waste a lot of time watching TV, surfing the Net and reading other people’s status messages. If you think you genuinely don’t have 30 minutes per day for your boyfriend/girlfriend then this is probably not the right time for you to have a relationship.

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3.Visit often

It’s essential you visit each other as often as your time and budget permits. Talking over the phone for five hours a day can’t make up for face to face communication. Because communication is not just words. Nothing can make up for actually looking at the eyes and the smile of your loved one. Same for them.

4.Learn to trust

When a relationship becomes long-distance it becomes a testing ground for something essential to the success of the relationship-mutual trust. If you’re the suspicion-obsessed ever-interrogator, a long distance relationship is a great chance for you to learn to let go. Letting go doesn’t mean deciding not to concern yourself with whatever your boyfriend/girlfriend might be doing. It means accepting the fact that they have a life of their own and you can’t always get to know whatever is going on there. Don’t get neurotic if they don’t pick up one call of yours or doesn’t reply to your messages immediately.

5.Being there

You’re in a relationship, right? You’re their support, inspiration, shoulder to cry on. You have to be there for them when they need you. You can’t be too busy for that. If they’re going through difficult times, they should feel completely free to call you first.

In the next instalment we’ll talk about activities you can engage in to liven up your long distance relationship. Till then, share your experiences of handling your long distance relationship with us by leaving a comment.

10 Tips for Writing a Love Letter

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but Indians are crazily romantic. Did you know that a whopping 37% of the people who’re Googling the phrase “love letters” every month are Indians? Thirty seven percent (165K out of 450K)! I know-‘whopping’ doesn’t even begin to describe that. Anyway, let me share a few points that I feel you should keep in mind while writing your next love letter.

Love in IndiaPhoto by markhillary

1.Get in the mood

Nothing affects our mood as much as music. Put on some really romantic music when you sit down to write a love letter. (I have some on even now, as I write this post!)


Don’t be shy to start the letter with “my sweet sweetheart”. Or some special name that you use for him/her. It makes the letter immensely personal and special-not just another love letter, something particular to you two as a couple.

3.Their signs

Why are you writing this love letter today? Did anything happen today that reminded you of them? Any tiniest of tiny things-a familiar fragrance, a phrase someone used in casual conversation? Put it down. It’s bound to bring a hint of that crease on their lips.


Spray his/her favorite perfume on the letter, put petals of a flower they’d given you long back, stick the wrapper of a candy they might’ve given you in the past/you might’ve shared…Putting mementos inside the letter is another way to make the letter unique.

Love in IndiaPhoto by RonAlmog

5.The first moment

Describe what had first attracted you to them, how simple words spoken by them had created tornados in your heart, how you used to feel restless waiting for them…Nothing makes us feel more romantic than reminiscences of the heady days of first love.

6.Special moments

Was there a moment when you experienced intense emotional and physical feelings to see him/her or to hear their voice for the first time over the phone? Or when they said something special/intimate to you? Describe those feelings. It takes you closer to their heart.

7.Signing off

Put all your heart in the ending too. “With all the love of my heart.-Nisha”, while might sound mushy to you, will surely go close to the other person’s heart.

8.Use mother tongue

If you both speak the same language. I know it’ll probably be excruciatingly embarrassing sometimes. But if you want to really touch their heart, try it.


Don’t forget to date the letter. Imagine what a treasured memento it’s going to become should you end up in a permanent relationship!

10.Paper and stationery

Don’t forget to use special paper and envelope for your special letter. Download them here for free.
Any particular tiny little thing you did in your love letter which was dearly appreciated by your loved one? Let us know by leaving a comment.