10 Tips for Writing a Love Letter

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I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but Indians are crazily romantic. Did you know that a whopping 37% of the people who’re Googling the phrase “love letters” every month are Indians? Thirty seven percent (165K out of 450K)! I know-‘whopping’ doesn’t even begin to describe that. Anyway, let me share a few points that I feel you should keep in mind while writing your next love letter.

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1.Get in the mood

Nothing affects our mood as much as music. Put on some really romantic music when you sit down to write a love letter. (I have some on even now, as I write this post!)


Don’t be shy to start the letter with “my sweet sweetheart”. Or some special name that you use for him/her. It makes the letter immensely personal and special-not just another love letter, something particular to you two as a couple.

3.Their signs

Why are you writing this love letter today? Did anything happen today that reminded you of them? Any tiniest of tiny things-a familiar fragrance, a phrase someone used in casual conversation? Put it down. It’s bound to bring a hint of that crease on their lips.


Spray his/her favorite perfume on the letter, put petals of a flower they’d given you long back, stick the wrapper of a candy they might’ve given you in the past/you might’ve shared…Putting mementos inside the letter is another way to make the letter unique.

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5.The first moment

Describe what had first attracted you to them, how simple words spoken by them had created tornados in your heart, how you used to feel restless waiting for them…Nothing makes us feel more romantic than reminiscences of the heady days of first love.

6.Special moments

Was there a moment when you experienced intense emotional and physical feelings to see him/her or to hear their voice for the first time over the phone? Or when they said something special/intimate to you? Describe those feelings. It takes you closer to their heart.

7.Signing off

Put all your heart in the ending too. “With all the love of my heart.-Nisha”, while might sound mushy to you, will surely go close to the other person’s heart.

8.Use mother tongue

If you both speak the same language. I know it’ll probably be excruciatingly embarrassing sometimes. But if you want to really touch their heart, try it.


Don’t forget to date the letter. Imagine what a treasured memento it’s going to become should you end up in a permanent relationship!

10.Paper and stationery

Don’t forget to use special paper and envelope for your special letter. Download them here for free.
Any particular tiny little thing you did in your love letter which was dearly appreciated by your loved one? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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  1. Great site!!..and with the regular updates..there is a lot of dedication..kudos..and i hope within a few days..this site would be India’s most sought after love site..Kudos Grt work..God bless :)

    1. Thank you for bringing up the pertinent point.
      With emails you have to get creative…one good way of using mementos in emails is using phrases and expressions which he/she is in a habit of using. It can be any simple combination of even 2 words, but it has to be a signature “he”/”she” phrase. You have to create scopes in your email for using them. :)
      Thanks for commenting Debarati.

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