Key Differences Between Western and Slavic Females

Every Western man, regardless of nationality, heard stories about the beauty of the Slavs. Some people believe this is a myth, but some are convinced that this is true and aspire to marry Ukrainian woman. We are convinced that the truth is somewhere in the middle. A lot of socio-cultural and psychological research, as well as the emergence of the internet, which almost erased the boundaries between the Western and Eastern worlds, gave us the opportunity to study this topic and provide you with the most objective review of the differences between Slavs and Western women.

beautiful Slavic womanPhoto by Tom Merton

Features of the Mentality of Slavic Females

Respect for men

The main distinguishing feature of the character of the Slavs, which can be seen at a close acquaintance, is a special attitude towards a man, as an unofficial leader in all aspects of life. Even if the relationship between a man and a woman is purely friendly (or even businesslike), the Slavic women show a great respect for a man. Of course this is more of a characteristic of married couples. Historically, almost all Slavic peoples had a patriarchal social structure, where the opinion of the man was key. Today, such a clear division has long been absent, but respect for men has been preserved subconsciously.


Reasonable people think that the folklore about the large proportion of beautiful women among the Slavic peoples is not objective. However, a great many of Slavic women indeed are exquisite and have an attractive figure. Therefore, the popularity of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians among Western men has a strong “external” foundation. It is also worth noting that the beauty of Slavic women is built on individuality. They rarely try to copy the style and appearance of famous actresses and models, as Europeans and Americans often do, but prefer to stand out among other women. Although not all men like this.

The family

The family is a sacred connection for Slavic women. They have retained the concept of “family hearth” in its original form and do not allow anyone from outside to influence this. For most Slavic women (especially the older generation) raising children is the main purpose of life. Slavic mothers bring up children in a spirit of respect and discipline. They teach children to work hard and respect the elders. Slavs rarely aspire to become a “friend” to their child, since parental care for a future member of society is more important to them. It’s therefore no surprise that most Russians and Ukrainians prefer to see their parents as parents, not friends.


Slavic women are very jealous. If a woman sees at least the slightest hint of encroachment on her man, she will do everything to quickly remove the competitor from the picture. And if her husband or boyfriend gives her reason to be jealous, then it is better for him to run for his life and not argue. Their fierce jealousy is really just the other side of the coin of their unquestioned commitment to their man.

A Brief of Differences between Slavic and Western Women

We will not consider the mentality of Western women in detail since you already know everything. Instead of this, we wrote a short brief of differences between Russian and American girls  that will help clarify the picture:

beautiful Slavic womanPhoto by Alicia Woodward

  • Slavic females are indifferent to the ideas of feminism. Many of them even condemn it, which cannot be said about Western women.
  • Slavic women often prefer family, not career. A successful marriage and love are more important for them.
  • Western women dress the way they want. Slavic girls try to follow a certain dress code, which is not always understood by Western men
  • Slavic girls devote a considerable amount of time to their appearance. Western women are not so obsessed with this issue.
  • Slavic women are very active and hardworking. This may sound paradoxical, but Slavic men cannot boast of this. Western women are often more laid back.


Have you ever considered dating someone from the other side of the world? What’s your experience of mingling with the Eastern European people if any? Do let us know in the comments. We’ll wait to hear from you. Bye!

Romantic Relations at Work: Six Basic Rules of the Game

Recently, scientists have made a big discovery: Dating someone you work with is possible. With female colleagues, you can not only supervise, lead and perform other wonderful duties of an effective manager, but also have a good old romp between the sheets! Yes, all laboratory studies have confirmed this, so you can trust me. Today we’ll talk about how and when it is advisable to engage in such relationships (just don’t tell anyone that we told you how to date a coworker!). In addition, you will find out that it may be time to sleep with your boss … and we know that you have long dreamed about it. Enjoy reading!

“All the scientific theories of psychology, devoted to the nature of love and other relevant comforts of human existence, confirm: joint work is the best catalyst of sympathy, love and even passion,” says Amy Nicole Salvajo, assistant professor of psychology at the University of New Haven.

how to date a coworkerPhoto by siewkumhong
If you think about it, offices (and other working spaces) are literally ideal for romantic interactions. After all, they are filled with masculine and feminine creatures, spending eight hours a day side by side, having dinner together, and sometimes even parties. There is a dress code that requires you to look attractive (if you know how to tweak your corporate dress code to your advantage ;) ). In offices, there are coolers and snacks vending machines in secluded corners that could be great places for meeting. Therefore don’t be surprised when you find out your neighbor in the next cubicle is dating someone at work and probably waking up in the same bed with them!

There was a time when employers of all sizes struggled to regulate romantic relationships among employees. However today we see a slightly different picture. The hatchet, of course, is not yet buried, but the pit is already dug. Employers have discovered that it’s easier for them to pretend not to notice the potential intertwining of the destinies of their employees. And thank God for that because going against human nature is not very effective. And we all want to be “effective people managers” and “leaders of tomorrow” don’t we?

The opportunity to get to know someone well before starting to date is a huge plus for work romances. But before your mind gets busy fantasizing about dragging that secretary with a sensual mouth into a dark corner, be aware that workplace romance has its own unwritten rules. You should know how to date a coworker in the right way to avoid possible troubles.

Most men recognize them by going through trials, mistakes, public humiliations and even termination. But we have a better proposal: how about taking your lessons on dating someone at work from other people’s mistakes?

Keep it discreet

Most participants in any work collective usually hold negative views of an intimate relationship between a manager and his subordinate. Even if you accidently turned out to be matches using a senior dating service. The reason for this is clear: someone who is intimately involved with their boss is less trusted. After all, no one can be sure that you, in gratitude for a wonderful night, do not end up sharing your colleagues’ secrets with the boss.

Have you Decided to End the Relationship? Do it Quietly

We’re sorry to prick your balloon, but no matter how beautiful your new workplace relationship seems, it is statistically less likely to survive than to perish. More than 60% of workplace couples’ paths diverge during the first year and often with scandals.

But you’re smart and you aren’t going to avoid being one of them. Here’s how.

The best option: on the first date itself you should discuss what happens if you break up. This may seem strange, but this step will save you a lot of trouble.

Keep personal relations at home

The best thing you can do for your career is to forbid yourself once and for all to hold intimate conversations with your workplace partner during working hours. Even if she sits at a nearby table and you know that she’s wearing that special set of underwear for you.

The habit of keeping your personal life outside the office is especially useful when things aren’t going that great between the two of you. Yes, we know that it is almost impossible. However it is better to keep your differences under wraps till you get home.

No One-night stands

One-night stands are good only for people you meet in nightclubs. Even when you’re at it you know that the morning will come and in a few hours you will forget each other’s names. With a colleague this does not work. You will see each other every day, embarrassing each other and creating tension. This is sure to be noticed by someone. So if you decide to just have fun, you can eventually make yourself a dangerous and unpredictable enemy to your partner.

Put yourself in her shoes

Since you are dating a coworker, be ready for the fact that the colleague, with whom you started a romance, will begin to panic at some point.

“What will people think?”

The reality is that in such situations our society almost always judges a man less severely than a woman. You will look like a macho man, but for her things are different. Any label (including but not limited to those consisting of five letters, for example) might stick to her.

Therefore, if you are a gentleman, then don’t share your sexual conquests with your male colleagues.

We hope you are.

Defend Your Reputation

If you think that the Don Juan image will only give you dividends, think again. We don’t need to tell you that promiscuous men are treated with suspicion. By both women’s and men’s part of the team. So you may not want to develop a reputation for being a player at your workplace.

Have you ever been involved with anyone in your workplace? What’s your experience of office romance between your colleagues been like? Tell us about all that and more in the comments. Until next time, ciao ciao!