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5 Tips to Handle Intercaste Relationships
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  1. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was once entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t believe just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  2. there’s very little hope that his parents will get him married to a girl of his choice, that too of another caste..
    He says if we still continue to love each other.. at that point of time if we have to separate from each other it hurts much much more.. so we better end up now.. i don’t know what to do…we both are in a great dilemma.. need help genuinely…

  3. Hi ,

    My Gf is a lingayath and im a christian. My parents have no objection to our union. But my gf parents are not agreeing. My gf has tried telling em everything, her parents are going back to saying religion is the only problem. They are more concerned about their respect in soceity then the happiness of their daughter. My gf does not want to leave me but she cannot abandon her parents as well. I cannot see her suffer cause of this . Please advise how to convince her parents. They r begging us to marry people of our parents choice in our caste and asking to be happy. Neither of us can stay happy without each other.

    1. I am also in same situation ……. i am maheshwari and my bf is agrawal still my parrents doen’t agree…….

      they says ur are very stable.. brillient and oversmart do what ever u want .. they dnt want to keep reletion with me if i marry with my bf……..

      i feel shame many times being marawadi…. as child don’t has any importance over society…….. what rubbish is all …… sorry freind i too nvr know how to convince parents

    2. Hi. M also suffering from dis horrible situation.m marwari nd he is punjabi. But my problem is much more dn dis. Ofcourse caste prblm is dere but there is another prblm dey dnt like his family. They r not going to accept me if i marry him. Is seems suicide is much better option dn to live this life..

      1. i am m.b.a.student i am working in real state company .my desination marketing manager .i am simple boy. mere ko true love girl cahiye.plz give meyour contect no.plz plz

  4. hey. i am a girl of 22 and pursuing my masters my bf is also pursuing masters .Its 5 th year of our relationship(intercaste).My bf has already told everything to his family for some point of time they were ok with now god knows wat has happened they are searching bride fr him.Though he has tried every possible method to convince themi hav also told my mother abt our relationship both the mothers hav talked ovr dont know wat is going on and the main problem is dat we are pursuing study and dont hav any job.wat to do frm whom to ask fr help.really dnt knw. smtymes i feel lyk jst to to face all dis dnt kne..plz help

  5. He sulagna,
    I have big problem, that there is girl in my class , she always glance @ me , so i propose her,, …. Her ans was she doesnt know me very well…. Bt when i proposed her for second time she replys that ‘ yes i like to become your friend ‘ bt her bro looks us at that time and we break together in the front of our parents and principal too
    …. Although she likes me very much and i like her very much too… But her bro dont want to see us together … I m ranker in my class and want she at any cost please suggest me

  6. Hi thanks for helping. You are Amazing! Basically I been with my bf for 3years and half. My family didn’t like him but they accepted him at the end coz they just wanted me to be happy. His mom is manipulative and evil, she is been acting the first 2 years that she was happy with it when clearly she wasn’t we were about to get married so he had introduce me to her but she told him she didn’t want him to be there obviously for a reason, she was really horrible to me and nasty but I just took it didn’t say a thing to him I didn’t tell my bf either coz i didn’t want him to feel he was in btw war with 2 ppl he loves. So when the time came I found out my bf was lying to me coz he didn’t had all the things he promised basically his mom took it from him. He tried to covered it up by telling me our parents should talk about the money I told him my parents aren’t selling me and I wouldn’t do that so I had to tell my family that I wasn’t gonna get married after all. His mother called pretending like she cared she said her son is not telling her what happened and I should but politely told her I couldn’t coz i didn’t know why he refused to tell her so for that reason now she said she would disown him if he marries me and she is basically sick but exagerrating aswell. He is falling for it aswell Idk what to do like my whole life is falling apart. Please help

    MY PHONE NO IS 9609125585


  8. Hi i am 25yrs old Christian girl & my bf is 25yr old Hindu south Indian boy. We have being dating form your college i.e. last 7yrs we are in very much in love. My dad & his family members are against our relation. First they tried physical hurting me by fighting, hitting me and making us separate but they couldn’t now he and his family members are emotional taking me in their side, I cannot live without my bf nor I want my dad to be hurt or any bad name on my family. And My bf is just started his career n he is not financial stable nor he has house or good salary, he is working and doing his MBA n he needs 2 yrs to get settled down so I am helpless and have to stay in my house with my family. I don’t know what to do or how to react nor can bear this anymore. I am falling emotional and just can take this stress anymore. Please Help me.

  9. Hi,I’m CA student ,I like a girl in my institute, she is very cute ,she is my classmate but I don’t know anything about her,I want to be her firend and talk to her as a friend but I’m afraid that what she think if I shows some intrest to her,I don’ t even gathered a strength to go and talk to her, really like her and feels very careing for her and want to be her friend,l love her ,please suggest me what can I do?

  10. Hi my name jeni I’m 25yr old Christian girl from Mumbai I recently broke up with long term Tamil Hindu boyfriend xyz same age. We were in relation from past 7yrs. He was my best friend in college and later on he become close & started dating each other. There was always problem in my life form my family I was been dominating by my dad and he use to drink which I couldn’t accept & hated him for this due to which I started depending too much on bf for emotion support & happiness. We had good relation where he was always there for me and spent quality time together. He uses to take care of me, love me, and support me. He was the only person in my life and I use to totally depend on him a lot. But he never use to give me commitment for marriage which start relating problems in my life and since we were in college together we had common friends due to this all our college group broke & we all become separate & my bf use to blame me for this & he broke up with me saying his mom will never accept this relation. After we completed our Tybcom & started working his mom suffered with cancer and she pasted away and he came back to me and proposed to me for marriage & everything was ok btwn us. But few months before my family started searching guys for me for marriage and I told my dad about my Hindu bf. My dad was determined of not accepting our relation till he die and rejected him saying he is not a catholic, nor he is financial stable nor has a house so again problem came in our life . And my dad’s family, my parish priest and all my dad friends started pressuring me to leave him but I stood for him and fought with every1. Today all my relatives & family laugh & disrespect me bcz of this. But when my dad started pressuring him & his family got involve he left me saying he cannot get married now, he need to be successful & take care of his family so there is no place for me in his life. He told me to breakup & be away from him. I am in big mess no support and my family searching guys for marriage for me. I cann’t handle myself and always get upset & cry. But I am working on myself & trying hard to forget him and be happy in life. I success sometimes but sometimes I feel upset. Hope one day everything will be good in my life.

  11. Hii my name soumya 22yrs old telugu engineering final year student my parents got a marriage proposal recently name xyz age 29yrs and we started talking to each other by phone from 10 days before so that we can understand about eachother before meeting him even his parents were talking to me so we both felt that both families are happy for our alliance but after meeting.His dad sad no with a reason that horscope havnt matched but according to my family our horoscopes have matched very well we are in a confusion whom to belive….and we dont belive in all horoscope

    So now it had been more than a month we are talking to eachother and none of our parents know this we want to get married and we dont believe in all horscopes because no one can predict future but parents belive he is convincing his dad but he is not agreeing with him and telling u will suffer in future if u get married to her(me) and started seeing another match for him and i sad my parents not to see any more match let he try again.

    Now i dont understand what gonna happen with this i really want to marry him even he have the same feeling towards me i am getting emotionally down unable to concentrate on anything completely feared i dont want to lose him i feel no one to help us even God…feeling to die sometimes please helpme out what can we do we even dont want to hurt parents how can they understand our feelings reply me as soon as u can i am really worried

  12. Hii my name is jenny, I’m from Mumbai. I had a bf from 7yrs whom I loved very much but my fly didn’t except our relation bcz I’m at Christian & he s Hindu. I tried evrythng to convenience my fly but they didn’t agree so I was ready 2 run wit him but he left me saying that he cannot marry me now bcz he need to concentrate on his career & his fly also is not in favor of our relation.

  13. I am in a relationship with a guy with 10 years who was diagnosed Lymphoma 5 years ago. Now he is perfectly alright.
    But my Parents are not agreeing to the marriage due to his past medical issues.
    I understand their feelings but we both cant live without each other.
    My parents know the family very well and they don’t have any other issues with marriage than my boyfriend’s health.
    Please help me in giving some tips how can I convince my parents.


  14. “Love in India Counselling”
    hi i m priyaa working as an professor in a college. i would like to get idea regarding my marriage. while studying i m in love with a boy . he too loved me very well. when marriage talk goes in my home, i informed my parents that i m in love with a boy. they refused . i tired but i couldnt console them. i suffered a lot hearing this my boy friend said do according your parents wish and left me alone. i couldnt recover from that for past one year. Thn i came to work. FOr the past one year i m very happy in my work place. i m tat much involved in my work. In my working place, one staff proposed me. i said my parents wont accept and i also informed him about my previous love. He then too loves me. after some days i too started liking him very much. he is very much care about me. Now i wish to marry him. I informed my brother and mother that i like him very much and i need to marry him. but my brother and mother said no. But i could not live without him. please give idea to marry him. i m ready to do anything to get marry me. please help me.

  15. i want someone to really advice me ……….please say what you feel about it…
    i am 23 yr old and my guy too same age and he has just started working. and the job may not be liked my parents…as my parents expecting well settled guy…we both belong to same caste and status is also not matter to concern.problem is height .i am 5 ‘4 he is 5’1 ..his height comes upto my ears… i really dont know should i say about our love in my home .how will they react …and is height problem to be bothered about ?

  16. I also have similar problem,i am a sikh girl and my bf is aggarwal,we both love each other a lot, but our families are against it.We both don’t know what to do,but that is sure we can’t live without each other.Please,guide some way as we have already talked with our families twice and they denied.Even our families are searching life partners for us.

  17. I’m a lower caste but the girl is maharastrian brahmin, I love her a lot, but don’t know how to convince her parents :(
    Help me :(
    I really need someone who can help to save our relationship :'(

  18. my parents does like any boy coming to my house as a frnd ,thn how to shall i recommend to strt a relation of frndship btw me n my parents?

  19. oooppsss..Sorry….my parents doesnot like any boy coming to my house as a frnd ,thn how to shall i recommend to strt a relation of frndship btw me n my parents?pls sugget me some ideas

  20. I am confused …..
    I love my bf for 2 yrs… we r frm different caste… i am first daughter and having two younger sisters… my parents are not accepting my love… but my bf parents agreed.. they are even ready to talk with my parents next week….
    but my parents are not ready to listen them because of religion and caste… even my sisters are not supporting me…. i really cant live without him…

    i was being blamed by everybody for my dad’s illness and my entire family is upset because of me….. my dad is very soft i just dont want to hurt him… same time i want to marry my bf only…

    after six months of struggle i agreed to my parents that i quit my my parents are happy…. but my mind knows i will not stop loving him even for one sec….
    i dont knw hw 2 convince them.. my younger sister is making this issue more worse… pls help me…
    1. problem is i am catholic , he is hindu
    2. different caste
    3. my dad is very soft to me always… i just dnt want to hurt him…he dint know that my bf’s parents are coming to meet him…
    4. already many love marriages happened in our family.. but my mom is more concerned about society. even if my dad agrees , she and my sisters will not …
    5. dad is pointing that all love marriages ends up in failure only… and also you are having sisters their life will be spoiled.
    6. my bf loves me more.. he will do anything for me. now i am not having any contact with him for one month. so he started to call my dad.. but dad is not ready to pick up..
    7. now i am working in dad’s office.. completely depending on my parents.. but my bf is working abroad..

    pls help me.. i am more concerned about my family and my bf

  21. Hi,
    I need advice. I am not sure if this is the right forum but nevertheless…. I am 32 years old, working professional. Have been living on my own for 15 odd years until my mom shifted with me last year unexpectedly. I have been fighting with them about my marriage with a guy who is not from my caste for 2 years (I am the only daughter of my doctor parents) Both our families are against this alliance. However, my parents have now agreed on the condition that they won’t be involved in it. This is not what we waited for for 2 years. How do I convince them? Meanwhile, our relationship did hit rock bottom and survived somehow. Please advice.

  22. Hi,

    Me and my best friend are in relation from last 8 years in spite of many ups and downs. we want to stay together and marry as we both are 29 years now but his parents are not accepting as he is from a different caste. I have convinced my parents and they even spoke to his parents but his parents are not ready to listen. so, my parents are looking for different guy now. we don’t want to hurt anyone and marry and they are not getting convinced.. :(

    we love each other a lot.

    Can you plz help..
    God bless..

    will wait for your reply.


  23. Hi,
    Am stdyn engg. 2nd yr ,im in love wit a girl who i knw her frm my childhood,v r close frnds .she loves me too <3 ,since 2years, am loving her frm my small age .i dnt hav guts at the tme to propose finaly evrythn gone rite nly thng our marriage :/.even v both r of same caste religion ,nly thng s she s stdyn mbbs.and me engg. I dnt knw hw to balnce our profession to end wit our marriage,her parents knw abt me tht am a good frnd of her.n soon thy cme to knw that v r lovn each othr,Anothr thng s am frm middle class :( , n she s frm settld family,help me wil our relation leads to our marriage my girlfrnd loves me infinity as like i do :'( ,i wantd to tel ths thngs to my parents bt i thot its nt the rite time to say boldly,v r stil stdyn,so aftr getting a good job .i pland to talk abt our marriage

  24. I am a girl of 29 years fell in love with a married person rather I am married too. But both of your personal life is at mess, we met at office and fell for each other. Firstly we understood that we understand each other very well but then also I said no to his proposal as he already has a kid, and I didn’t wanted to disturb his family life. Then i stopped talking to him number of times. After around 2 years I said yes as I wanted to stay with him too. I realized we both were very happy. After about 3 months his wife is having some problem with him, now he said he needs 2 months I want to settle his family side then will be with me. He use to say he would be wid me but now he is not with me. We did not have physical relation but a relation which made both of us happy. I know I am wrong but till i miss him a lot, I was very happy Seeing us we both were happy. I am unable to understand does he really feel the pain which I am going through by not able to talk to him. I miss him a lot.

  25. sir m 25 years old girl..i love a boy of same age..we r in relationship from 3.5 years.we wanna marry..the boys family is totally agree.they love me a lot, its intercaste parents r vry traditional.i love my parents too bt dnt knw how to tell them abt my love..they are searching boys for me..plzzz tell me how i can tell them abt the boy vry sweetly..plzzz

  26. hi,
    i am 24 old and my guy is 26yr old.. we are in relation since 5yrs. v want to get married bt my parents are not accepting my relation. just coz of inter caste bf’s family is welcoming me whole case my the issue is that my sister has already ruin the things as some time ago she ran away wid a married guy now she has come back home but she has stuck on her words st she want to marry dt guy only or else she wud never marry ever..through all dis event happend my dad was broken emotionally and mentally, i was d one who cared for my father all the tym after wich my bond even developed strong wid my dad and after my dad has all his trust in me dt atleast i wud never do anything wrong as my sis did. so nw wen i finally reveled about my relationship things are becoming worst..i cannot hurt my parents at ne cost nor my dad clearly said that he wud disown me if i go wid him. dad said i ll have to choose ne of 1 either parents or my guy has worked very hard 4 me..he loves me alot he said he wud never marry ne 1 if i m nt ther wid him.hes ready to do anything to make up my my dad he said he dont want to meet my guy at any cost, he said 1st you kill me and than go head wid your parents are very caring they havent abused me after knowing about my relation.all my parents say is that v wud not be able to face society and ppl wud say tht both d sisters did the same thing wich wud ultimately lead to pointing out on my parents bringing up. i cannot love ne 1 else as i never thought of my life widout him.
    pls help me out.

  27. Hello,
    I want to marry my boyfriend but the problem is his parent’s have fixed his marriage with his maternal uncle daughter. both our fathers are BP patient. Our cast is also not same. I even cant think my life without him. He is getting pressure from his family. And we want to do our marriage by our parents blessing only….
    Please help us…..

  28. I loved a girl from my school days.It was one sided.Her parents got transferred to a different state and we were not in touch for about a decade.
    I couldnt forget her, and searched her in fb.I then proposed her, she was initially against then acceted.
    As the days passed I started finding that she is not of my type.She is stubborn, not willing to stop doing pvt job after marriage, she also always suffers from thinking that she cant b wrong or why she should bow ….This nature is not good going by my temperament,as i believe whosoever is wrong must say sorry & there must b sm flexibility on doing job after marriage of mba which requires extensive duty hours……
    So i dumped her 1 year back as my mind says marriage will lead to clash.
    But she is still single, txt me smtime persuading fr marriage.
    I cnt marry her but also cant remove her from mind fr which i cnt concentrate on other girls…..what to do???

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