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Are you pathologically romantic? Does every romantic number make you pensive? Do you find yourself in every love story you read? If yes, then TYS is the place for you to give life to those rainy-eyed dreams.

Choose from a collection of intriguing romantic stories here, and complete them using the Leave a Reply option.

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      1. Hey i’m a college graduated student. Now trying to get admission into a engineering vrct or into the army or air force. The main thing is i proposed her in class 10 in a study tour in front of all other student that i liked her. She reacted like she’s watching ghost and i’m that one. Then she left the place and wiped cried and said that she can’t. She don’t know nething. Bt i didn’t know her mother hanker after a girl behind her that to tell her what she does. Bt i proposed her coz we have so many eye contacts between classes. After some months everything was like b4. Then i moved to another city another college. 2 years no see. I tried so much to contact her. Bt i couldn’t. After these 2 years finally i got her phn numbr somwhow. Bt remember i tried so hard to get it. I phnd her. Then told her everything. She told me that those was teenage mistakes. Btw, her family won’t support our relationship. Bt she will thing abt it after we get admitted into somewhere we can. Then i messaged her in her phone in whatsapp. Bt she didn’t replied yet. Bt you know how desparate i’m to love her. I love her so much that i can’t explain. Now tell what should do now to get her as my lyf partner!

        1. Hello Taz…
          (I’m sorry if I am rude in some parts)
          My first question to you is do you really love her?? I mean what have you done to get her? Is she beutiful looking ?
          Or you also belive what she said…”those was teenage mistakes…”
          What were you doing for two years after your class X. ?
          Forget her…go get an admission to a reputed college, let your heart search for a new soulmate…

          If this is a serious problem with you and its affecting your studies, daily routine or you forget to take bath…then its time for reality check.

          Look my friend, if by this time you have used all the slangs for me for showing such derision for your feelings, then just dont sit ..wake up before its too late.

          Messaging in watsapp wont do any good to this relationship. Love need flesh and blood and even more than that.
          Do whatever you can do to prove your love is true. and remember everybody need love..
          Wishing you a happy life and love!!!

          signing off…

    1. Hi mam, I am Ravi Kant. Well I have a question in my mind but before this please read this out and then suggest me.

      At 8th standard I saw the girl I am going to talk in my tuition, from the first sight I suppose I start liking her but never talked her (our batch was in different shifts, so when sir called me to take extra class at her time then I did join) now she still has not any BF as far as my knowledge is concerned and the best part is that I never find her out talking over phone which means she still is single. her parent tried to talk her of her marriage but still she is unmarried.

      What I want is to talk her somehow but don’t know what to do as at tution we never talked but I did go at her office where she works and tried to talk but could manage in a formal way.

      Pls suggest me mam.. What to do! I have made my mind in case I don’t get her then for my life I going to be unmarried.

      Pls help…

  1. my girlfriend things i am not trustable anmore as we r in a relation lik 1 months and in btween i have lied 2 her about me and in 1 months i felt lik i am in luv wid her and don’t think she trusts me and can breakup wid me anytim and i want 2 shw her dat i luv her really very much and somehow want her 2 recognise my feelings for her……and we can’t even talk in da cells for hours as her parents are not agreed 2 her about me ………:(

    1. Hi Sulagna… i have been an avid reader of your blog and I must say that your posts have helped me a lot in my life and my relationships.

      I have this problem that’s making me crazy. I have been dating this girl for about a month… but recently i get the feeling that she is not being faithful to me! I believe that there is should be trust in a relationship and do not want to doubt her. But looking at the kind of things you’ve talked about in your post ‘Suspicion’, I just can’t help myself.

      I would definitely like to discuss this in more detail and talk to you one on one if possible. Can you please find some time and help me out? I’m sure we’ll hit it out… :)

      PS: I follow your blog closely and have noticed that you have stopped posting sine July… look forward to reading more posts from you soon!

      PPS: I am also preparing for taking CAT and aspiring to be an IIM grad like you… in a way, you are a role model for me! :)



  2. there’s very little hope that his parents will get him married to a girl of his choice, that too of another caste.. Also, there’s a bit lot of trouble to expected from my parents’ side too….
    He says if we still continue to love each other.. at that point of time if we have to separate from each other it hurts much much more.. so we better end up now.. i don’t know what to do…we both are in a great dilemma.. need help genuinely…

    1. Hey.. i m in a relaxnxhp 4 about 3 years.. in d 1st month of our relaxnxhp he got engaged wid another gul of his parntx choice.. at that tym we were not in serious luv typ.. now he is engaged but v truely luv eachother… he is trying alot to convince his parntx but this is now an issue of their ego and honour.. what shud v do? Shud we marry widout parnttx consent?

  3. Hey ! I am A Hindu girl and have been married to a Muslim for more than 2 years.. We hav twin babies now and are really happy together..
    If there is love between a couple, NOTHING can seerate them .. they will automatically learn to be strong in their mind and everythng will fall back into place …

    1. hi simran…
      whether you converted????? how you consolle your parents??? please guide me am in love with muslim guy.

  4. hey. i am a girl of 22 and pursuing my masters my bf is also pursuing masters .Its 5 th year of our relationship(intercaste).My bf has already told everything to his family for some point of time they were ok with now god knows wat has happened they are searching bride fr him.Though he has tried every possible method to convince themi hav also told my mother abt our relationship both the mothers hav talked ovr dont know wat is going on and the main problem is dat we are pursuing study and dont hav any job.wat to do frm whom to ask fr help.really dnt knw. smtymes i feel lyk jst to to face all dis dnt kne..plz help

  5. hi,
    I am a christian girl( 23 yrs) from UP and the one whom i love is a SC hindu guy(26 years).We are in a deep relationship from past 7 years and are financially independent.His parents like me and are ready for this marriage but I am a daughter of my only mother.She is against of this marriage because his mother and my mother works in the same hospital.His mother is the boss and my mother is a subordinate.She thinks that she is so dominating and i don’t have any future in their family which i think is false because I know her very well and i am going against the relations ,mother,society and what people will say.She thinks I am taking a wrong step and is emotionally threatening me that she will take a transfer/resign the job.The boy is ready to talk to my mom but none of people in my family is agreeing to talk and trying to stay away from guy. The critical problem is that my mother also had a love marriage which failed because from dad’s side no one agreed. Hence,it’s hard for me to take decision.please help me out.

  6. I’m in a relationship since past 7 yrs, trying to convince my parents since last 3 yrs. However i failed!!!! my bf’s family is readily accepting us.
    My parents are famous businessman in the society however they wont approve just coz of minute caste difference, guy being of higher caste!! I don’t wanna elope! I’m Trapped!!! coz i cant hurt anyone of them. My decision of marrying him is however firm!!!

  7. I don’t know what replies will I get but I do need help really bad. I am a Brahmin girl aged 20 and my love is my best friend with whom I fell in love about 2 years ago. His family came to know about our relation and has no problem with it but the moment I told my family about him the way they reacted I just can’t tell. Only because he is from an another caste and I am the only girl in my family after four generations my family has refused to accept our relationship but the fact is that neither can we live without each other nor do we want to elope or marry without our parent’s approval. so please help and give suggestions as to how to make my parents understand us and appove this marriage. please.

    1. Nandini, I can understand what you are going through and i am also facing the same situation. I dont think I have done anything wrong and hence do not want to elope. Apart from that I love my MOM and DAD so so so much. They have lived with their values and principles for so long that it seems difficultto them but I am sure they would see the honesty of my love one day and accept my love. Be brave, Firm and Never Ever Loose hope…

  8. i love one girl who is my classmate her name is TVSindhu , i have prupose her and she say no to me .After some days she was became friendly toward me . what does it mean she is falling in love with me ?

  9. I am in real trouble what to do next i dont know my gf wants me nd loves me but she thinks she has never given any happines to them and if they get to know about us one more time their faith will again be broken and because of this she wants to leave everything and start a new life without me for her parents happiness as her parents are against inter caste marraige..we both want to leave together we are in relationship about 2 years and now if she leaves my life will be spoiled plz hlp me what should i do to make her believe that her parents will agree for maraige dont be sensitive..plz help me nd plz if possible plz talk to me on call my no. Is 08764258398 plz help me i want her in any case and she too luves me but she dont want to hurt her parents..

  10. hi Iam sandy i have been talking to a girl from last 2 months i started off taking to her by approaching her she didn’t gave her no initially but i gave her my no through fb one day she messaged me up since then we are talking we go to university together come home together she is somewhat closer to me now yet so far we haven’t dated yet we are of same age iam 25 ……iam hell lot confused iam in love with her but its me who often calls up or message her up i tried not to contact her which is kind of tough for me but she comes up with some message like “kahan gayab ho tum aaj” and then i call her up sooner or later both of us are very much focused in our carriers she have just started with her phd and iam a civil service aspirant……..i don’t want to get friend zoned too i have those inhibitions in my mind iam like totally into her but not able to make out whether there is something from her side or not or she is just taking me as a friend iam just captivated by her …..she have been getting these marriage proposals too and even her parents want her to get married till now she has been refusing and me totally unable to comment on that….. i don’t want to loose her and that is kind of stopped me from asking her that what are her feelings for me….. so please tell me what to do and do let me know if you want to know something else

  11. Hi my name jeni I’m 25yr old Christian girl from Mumbai I recently broke up with long term Tamil Hindu boyfriend xyz same age. We were in relation from past 7yrs. He was my best friend in college and later on he become close & started dating each other. There was always problem in my life form my family I was been dominating by my dad and he use to drink which I couldn’t accept & hated him for this due to which I started depending too much on bf for emotion support & happiness. We had good relation where he was always there for me and spent quality time together. He uses to take care of me, love me, and support me. He was the only person in my life and I use to totally depend on him a lot. But he never use to give me commitment for marriage which start relating problems in my life and since we were in college together we had common friends due to this all our college group broke & we all become separate & my bf use to blame me for this & he broke up with me saying his mom will never accept this relation. After we completed our Tybcom & started working his mom suffered with cancer and she pasted away and he came back to me and proposed to me for marriage & everything was ok btwn us. But few months before my family started searching guys for me for marriage and I told my dad about my Hindu bf. My dad was determined of not accepting our relation till he die and rejected him saying he is not a catholic, nor he is financial stable nor has a house so again problem came in our life . And my dad’s family, my parish priest and all my dad friends started pressuring me to leave him but I stood for him and fought with every1. Today all my relatives & family laugh & disrespect me bcz of this. But when my dad started pressuring him & his family got involve he left me saying he cannot get married now, he need to be successful & take care of his family so there is no place for me in his life. He told me to breakup & be away from him. I am in big mess no support and my family searching guys for marriage for me. I cann’t handle myself and always get upset & cry. But I am working on myself & trying hard to forget him and be happy in life. I success sometimes but sometimes I feel upset. Hope one day everything will be good in my life……………..

    1. jab tum kisi ko hasil karna
      chahte ho,aur wo na mile,
      to jan lo Thume apane rabse
      koi aur mang raha he aur uski
      dua me tumse jada asar he…………

  12. hii …i m rubi ..26 yrs old i love a guy who is 31 yrs old …we both r medicos …bt the problem is our caste …we both r sc bt of different subcaste n our parents r totally against our marriage ….at first i thought guy wl convince his parents bt now all of sudden his whole family is against n his age is also marrigable now ,his family is pressuring him to marry girl of his own caste …..n my family is also against our marriage …i have told my mom abt this she is totally against ….no one is trying to understand me ……bt i love the guy yr …he is also very frustated these days ……he hs left all the things to destiny n miracles ……plss help me …wht shld i do

  13. Me and my boyfriend are in a relationship since 8 years and we are of the same cast everything just seems perfect but never actually is, Our first problem is he is not of my families status because I never saw money being a problem between us, I earn and he does not earn as he wants to go for phd, His family has accepted me but recently my family came to know about it and I am started getting tortured I know they are not going to agree for this just because this is not our culture and I have sullied his(my father’s) name. I am simply blank what should I do this is affecting my professional and personal lives getting married to someone else is simply out of question. I am even scared of honor killing.

  14. i m in luv with a rajput
    jiske shdi bachpn mai h kisse aur ladki k sah fix kr de gai h
    bt he luv me
    wht should i do to convience that boys parent

  15. My wife filed null void suit against me. After our love marriage.
    My father got brain hemmorage.
    My job is lost.
    Went into one year of depression.
    Now have to fight In court.

  16. Me and my boyfriend are in a relationship since 2 years and we are of the same cast everything just seems perfect but my parents are not agree for our marriage.i am a school teacher,and he is a buisness parents did enquiry of my boyfrnd,and they told me that my boyfriend is lying.he is not a buisness man,he is unemployed.which is just a big what can i do.i thinkcourt marriage is a better option.

  17. im 20 years old me 8years ago someone purpose me but at thah time I rejectet him but he still purpose me after 4 years I accept his purposel….after one year our parents know about our relationship all were agree but my father did not agree just because of cast but still we love wthid each other now I studied in graduation and he become a army officer and we just want that my father replace his endo gamy marriage into exogamy marriage because my father also take a love marriage with my mother but still he disagree with my love

  18. just because of my love sometimes my father beat me but still I just love him I cant breakup with him I cant understsnd what I do because love with each other very much plz advice me what I do??????

  19. hi am 21age guy..i hav affair on i didn’t prposed her bcz she s my sister frnd she s 25(age)..i dnt knw wat to do even i cant control myself…we re nt close frnd and all we didn’t talk more bt…i feel something wit her which s make me happy without reasons she might be a angel bcz angels always make others happy…i want her bt i dnt knw

    here pls anyone help me & let me knw hw to propose her in good way

  20. hii, I’m 20 yrs old studying in university i met this boyfriend in my cousin wedding and we both liked each other so we started speaking on social sites. hes 28yrs old and has good job but he lives very far from me in different country so it has been very hard to maintain the relationship from last 2yrs but suddenly 6-7 moths back once he was suddenly not talking to me for few days so when i try to find what happen out of concern he told me that his parents has fixed his marriage to some other girls girl who lives in same country as him. i did ask him what he wanted cause being indian kid i know i would never want to disrespect the parents or go against him so he said he will talk to his parents and after then i never spoke about it until now he’s going on holiday in india and i also want to join him but i have clearly yold him firslty he has to solve his marriage stuff with his parents. im not worried to about the spending time alone with him cause last yr i have lived a week with him and it was beautiful days of my life but rightnow i dont know what to do ? i really confused if he wants to marry me or wants to be with him then he should have said no the same day right ?
    but then at the same time we have never promised each other to live together forever. also i feel bad for the other girl cause i believe she also kind of like him and has feeling for my boyfriend now after knowing that they will get marry and i feel awful about this thought, i would never want this to happen with me.
    i need bit of advice what you guys think it will be great ?

  21. Hi, I m in love with one girl that I found during my graduation…she is of my age and some how we started our relation..then after graduation she went foreign for higher studies and she came back and I tld my parents and she told her parents and we got engaged..but now it’s almost 7-8 months after our engagement my parents stared saying that she is not prefect match for me..She is not as beautiful to their expectation..I tried to convince them by saying that beauty I liked her nd like her bcz she is very good girl by her nature..she owns very high character and she is caring…she will always respect you..then they said where will you stay after your marriage..IndiA or abroad…If abroad who will take care of them..I said I will always be with you and my life partner also..I love my parents nd my girl to whom m engaged…Please help and tell me how I can convince my parents that looks are not everthing…nd make them agree so that they start liking nd can understand my feelings…Please help me

  22. Hey there,
    I want you to tell my story,
    I(27 years old) am in love with a guy(27 years) for past 9 years , we both are of different caste. He is a person with strong values and discipline. I am a girl living in fairy tales . Since 9 years we have been together but its amazing that not a single birthday we have celebrated together, I dont know why but just becoz of some reasons….
    Now after 9 years we spoke to our parents about our relation and they are against it…my mother says he is just a friend and dont try to include him in the family, my father had already shown be the way out of the house… siblings are also against our relation….we have tried everything to convince them …
    But now its enough…we have to take a stand…please suggest..


  24. hiiiiiii ….my all frds i have an problem with my gf partents i love her and she also love me but she ‘s bro and mother against to our relation because i m in intercaste.secondly her parents tell me her condition about her dads death.then they said me to ignore my gf to me but we are very love to each other .so now i want to impress her bro and mom al;so her parents to success our love story… plz frds help me tell me any idea .

  25. hi mam am santhoshi .naku oka prb undi nenu pavan ane abbiye ni love chesthunanu thanu kuda chesthunadu.memu love chesukuni epatiki 4years avuthundi memu marriage chesukovalli anukuntunam maa parents ok cheeparu but valla parents ni adagamani cheppanu thanu valla mum ni adigina but she is not agree ani cheppadu but thana friend dwara telisindi valla mum ki ok ani but thinu enduku naku ala cheppadu now what am do?but i want him i did nt leave with only suicide.pls help me pls i beg u all.

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