20 More Unique Anniversary Ideas: Saucy Saturday Version

After yesterday’s 50 unique and creative anniversary ideas, I thought why not add some more spice to it and make it completely one-of-a-kind? So here are your bonus 20 special anniversary ideas after yesterday’s 50. I’m sure you’ll love them. ;)

  1. Forget about the whole thing.
  2. Remember it but pretend that you’ve forgotten all about it.
  3. YouTube yourself announcing that you actually remember the anniversary.
  4. YouTube her reaction when she realizes that you’ve forgotten about it.
  5. Add the above two videos into a single video and YouTube it.  
  6. I realize you don’t have time for video editing and all that s**t. So forget about #5.
  7. If you don’t have time, go for gifting flowers and other such dim-witted gestures.
  8. But if you wanted dim-witted you wouldn’t be reading this, so on second thoughts – don’t trash #5.
  9. At the start of the year, set a reminder in your phone for the anniversary.
  10. Tell all your friends to do the same for the anniversary (yours, not theirs).
  11. Tell them to call you whenever it goes off, just in case you haven’t found out (yet).
  12. Make sure they don’t call your wife first.
  13. YouTube yourself singing her favourite song.
  14. Turn up the sex quotient by performing a dance routine from her favourite movie hero.
  15. Don’t buy a traditional gift. Materialism is overrated. Go for thoughtful anniversary ideas instead.
  16. Gift her a basket of all the ingredients for your favourite dish.
  17. If the invitation to cook doesn’t seem super-sexy to her, throw her a surprise anniversary party. Invite all your guy friends.
  18. Anniversary IdeasPhoto by lydia caps

  19. Order her favourite chocolate cake. Hide some green chillies inside in a random fashion. She’d never forget the surprise.
  20. If she’s already hinted that a much less creative, simple gift like a diamond would do, insist that you love her and would like to do something totally unique.
  21. If she doesn’t appreciate your uniqueness…there’s always next year.