Love At First Sight-Does it Really Happen?

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Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever had that warm mushy feeling within the first few minutes that you had seen someone for the first time in your life?

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The practical ones among you are probably rolling your eyes but researchers say it can happen. In 2004 scientists at the Ohio State University conducted an experiment to explore the nature of the feelings between people who’ve just met each other. Even though the experiment was conducted on same-sex couples (no, seriously not what you think), i.e. with “friendship” as the basic relationship, the results can also be applied in case of romantic love.
164 students were divided into same-sex couples and allowed to spend three, six or ten minutes with each other. Then they were asked to fill a questionnaire describing what they had in common with their partner in the pair, whether they’d liked them and their predictions about the future of the relationship. Nine months later it turned out that the people who’d predicted a better connection between themselves and their partners actually ended up being in a closer relationship than those who didn’t.
This observation matches perfectly with the conclusion Earl Naumann makes in his book Love at First Sight: The Stories and Science Behind Instant Attraction. He says-on the basis of rigorous research, including 1500 in-depth interviews-that love at first sight happens only to those who believe in it. Well that’s a no-brainer given the belief-driven way in which the human mind works. What’s astounding though, are two other numbers:
1. 55% of the people who experienced love at first sight ended up marrying the same person.
2. 75% of those marriages worked, i.e. didn’t end in divorce-a whopping 25 percentage points more than the average US divorce rate of 50%.
So if you have felt that strong emotional connection with someone you’ve just met, you don’t need to be wary. Just go for it! This might just be ‘it’.

15 thoughts on “Love At First Sight-Does it Really Happen?”

  1. Your style suggests your target audience might already be on board with the concept of love in India. You’re certainly preaching to the choir, here, sister. :-p

    I’m curious to see how many heads you turn and how many minds you change outside of the likely readership with this blog. Shall keep an eye on you. Good luck.

  2. Good to see another serious blogger from India. Also read your article at SML , great going , I can already see an authority site in making in your niche :)
    Finally coming to the post, I am a little illiterate on love related stuff, I am an internet marketing guy :) we are low on love juice and high on link juice ;) but love at first sight , I think is not a myth…..

    1. Hi Rohan,
      Thank you for your appreciation…I aim to create a wholly Indian comprehensive info site on this topic. :)
      No one’s illiterate in love, don’t you think? ;) I could use some of the link juice though. :D
      Thanks for chiming in Rohan.

    1. Sadly you’re right. While marriage is one of the biggest decisions that’ll affect YOUR life, in India unfortunately still a lot of other people get to make many decisions related to your marriage. Some of them are like, “You can choose your own partner, but I’ll not see my son/daughter married to someone from a different caste/religion.”
      The first thing we need to change is our idea of marriage. We still don’t recognize marriage as a decision of two people to stay together because they love each other. We think of marriage as one more of those big things in life that one has to do. Like graduation. Everyone does it because everyone does it. :D
      Thanks for joining in BN. :)

      1. I don’t want to speak for Blognostic but I’m wondering if he/she meant that people choose love partners for themselves taking into consideration various aspects of compatibility including education, profession and income earning ability, family background, region, language, social status, religion and more. What else they take into consideration and what are the respective weights assigned differs from case to case.

        If he/she didn’t mean this, I’d like to put across the point now as an observation.

        1. Now if someone has some criteria for their life-partner, that’s their personal choice. If someone wants their partner to be from the same state as themselves, I guess we can’t say they’re not justified-probably they think sharing backgrounds would help their compatibility. In case of castes, while it’s very very unfortunate, if someone grows up in a family where some other castes are looked down upon, they’ll be just unable to respect people from those castes, and they’ll certainly won’t want their partner to be from those castes.
          However when these criteria are imposed by third parties (i.e. anyone other than the two people concerned), that’s completely unacceptable according to me, for the simple reason that one’s life is one’s own, not one’s parents’ or someone else’s. A friend of mine has been in a relationship for the last 7 years, without being able to tell her parents about it, just because the guy belongs to a certain caste. By the way, she’s from Delhi and is an IIMA graduate.
          Thanks for raising the point, PC. :)

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  4. Love at first sight-does it really happen? | Love in India Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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