How to Forget Someone You Love: 7 Rules

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Young people dealing with a recent break up often ask me, “How to forget someone I love?”

Breaking up with someone you truly loved will remain one of your most significant life experiences. The process of forgetting someone you loved can break you. Or it can transform you into a stronger, more balanced and more mature version of yourself, with a much higher potential for choosing and creating deeply fulfilling relationships in the future. Here are 7 basic principles you should keep in mind as you strive to forget someone you loved.

How to forget someone – Rule #1. Don’t stay in touch

There are many ways of forgetting someone you love. The one way which will ensure you can’t forget them ever is continuing to “stay in touch” with them. It’s dangerous because human emotions are irrational, and staying friends with someone we have romantic interest in makes us falsely believe – usually in spite of ourselves – that they’re somehow somewhere available when they’re not. It makes us always available to them as a fall back option. (Be honest – if your ex wants you back you’d only be too happy, right?) And most importantly, the cycles of getting your hopes high and disappointment sap all your emotional energy and don’t give you anything to show for it.   

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How to forget someone – Rule #2. Don’t force-hate them

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to hate someone you want to forget. Hating someone puts them at the centre of your life, and doesn’t let you forget them. The key is to shift your focus away from them instead. Lies you don’t need to tell yourself if you don’t believe them already include:

“I never loved them.”

“They’re evil.”

“I was too good for them.”

Instead tell yourself, “Everything has its time. I’m happy for the good times I had with a certain individual. The time for that person in my life has now passed and it’s time to look forward.”  

How to forget someone – Rule #3. Focus on yourself

The best way to shift your focus from something/somebody you want to forget is to channel it into something you can love with equal passion. Focus on that most neglected but most important guy/girl – yourself. Now is a great time to take a fresh look at your life. Concentrate on the gifts of singlehood.

Re-evaluate your life goals. Is there something you can do differently?

Jump headfirst into that hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue.

Take that short trip you’ve never had time for.

This is a great time to learn to find happiness within yourself – something that can see you through all future emotional challenges.

How to forget someone – Rule #4. Don’t try revenge  

Holding on to your dignity at all costs is liberating. Keep those vengeful urges at bay. If you try to take revenge at this moment of emotional upheaval, you’d likely do things you’d regret immensely once you’ve gained your senses back. More importantly, it would tell your ex how important they still are to you – not the kind of ego boost you need to give them.

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How to forget someone – Rule #5. Open up  

It’s OK to feel shock, pain, anger etc. after a break up. Bottling up all of that can be detrimental to your emotional health. Open up to friends and family. If you don’t want to share this with anyone post your story anonymously in online forums and gather warmth from other members (these communities are usually very supportive). You can even start keeping a journal or a private blog.

How to forget someone – Rule #6. Don’t trust indiscriminately   

After a deeply debilitating experience like a break-up, you’d remain in deep shock and pain for a while. You might have tendencies to talk to anyone who’d listen. But this is dangerous, ’cause you’re at your most vulnerable at this point and might unwittingly reveal more than you should to not-so-trustworthy people around you. Make sure you connect only with people who you’re 100% sure of, like family or long-term friends.  

How to forget someone – Rule #7. Don’t try rebound   

Don’t jump into rebound. You’re emotionally unstable at the moment. If you get into a rebound relationship out of your desperation, the chances of making mistakes are very high. It would also be rather unjust to the person you involve, as you’d be using them as a replacement for someone else. No one deserves that. And most importantly, this would cement your belief that you can’t function without having “someone in your life”. You’d have deprived yourself of an opportunity to find stability and fulfilment within yourself. That’s something which is essential before you can even begin to assess your needs from a future relationship.

As I mentioned, how you forget someone you love will always remain one of your defining experiences. Make sure the process of forgetting someone enriches you, rather than destroying you.  

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    1. Of course it’s tough Suresh… I’m not sure you’d even want to… But you would need to, for your own well-being and theirs. That’s why I’d never recommend forcing yourself into hating someone you loved. Why would you? They gave you some of the best times of your life! But you’d still need to move on.
      Thanks for commenting. :)

      1. absolutely ryt omg!i thought i m the single one who possess such a feeling,but getting some relaxation now,,,i too love someone deeply by 2 yrs :(

        1. I lost my love.but iam still stick on to my lover is my world i love him more than anything we are from differnt caste so my mom is aganist this for my mother i lost my love but this happen because of my circumstence my mom tell me if never i stop this relation she kill herself.due to this i avoid my lover but he and me love eachother now also over relation 4th bday is decision to avoid my lover for my mom is wrong?

      2. my first love left me during board exms by lying to have smeone else in his lyf so that he can fully cncentrate on his studies….nd nw he is blaming me that i havent cntact him after breakup nd saying since of exms he done that bt i dnt want to get into a relation nw bt i really love him .i m unable to forget him i cant stop myself thinking about him ..something inside me is dying.m hopeles what to do…..plz

      1. its not about him being your classmate. its about you. its always been about you. how much power he has over you. Dont let someone, anyone rule your life when you are perfectly capable of taking good decisions.


      1. Dont hate your past. Just focus how to make better your present and how to enjoy your new life or single. SpAnd your time with frnds n family

        1. my lover hd always said me m with you . i love you a alot . he used me and now he is with another in relationship. he cheated on me . he is very bad in many ways i also want to forget him but i dnt know how can i forget him becz i still love him so much

      1. Reply to missing u-bcoz d one whom I love replies in d same manner…why they thnk contacting us will be a disturbance 4 us…in fact a single formal info will be infinite times better than d pain & disturbance we suffer from their indifferent behaviour..well I thnk they can never undstd this…on one side they claim to nvr frgt us and on other side behave like we had nvr been together…treat us lyk general frnds & mine one even less than that…he behaves lyk i m his highest source of disturbance even i don’t demand a single calling from him .he is persuing his dreams and heartly I don’t want to talk bcoz it will effect his performance…well!I hv also dreams..i m also in d same field but i nvr treated him lyk a stranger..& he is perfectly ok !chasing his dreams , breaking all contacts wid me even without informing me once…just deeply hurts me…& me stupid thnks dat he will contact me someday for d sake of our togetherness we shared a moment of our life..and this single false possibility is not allowing me to frgt him…but no enough is enough…i can’t let it go lyk dis..once my aim was everything 4 me…how could I be so foolish for someone who even don’t feel d need to inform me once…and my parents,my childhood aim ,what about them…i can’t let my parent’s expectations from me die nor my aim which I m ignoring continuously in memory of someone who can easily move on and chase his dreams without any feeling for me..and me duffer is dreaming of him coming again for playing wid my emotions,taking revenge,god knows for what ,treating me extra special sometimes & then suddenly behaving like a stranger…I thnk if I will not forget him as soon as possible,I will end up ruining my aim,murdering my parent’s hope linked wid me and finally ending me but no I m not that weak..i will prove will tk sm tym but ya!I will..i can’t let this precious gift of god invest on someone who considers me nobody….

        1. Mene yha pr bhut sare posts dekhe jo ekdm meri situation se milte julte h.. Bhut logo ne advices di ke aise kro wese kro.. Respect for those people.. Lekin muje bhut ganda lag rha h uske brkup krk.. m ab usse baat bhi ni kr skti…. meri class mei hi h vo.. use roz dekhkr bhut hurt hota h meko.. bhut koshish kr li use bhulne ki.. i need a frnd jisse m apni problem share kr saku..

          1. Same issue for me also avantika…. Even i too want to share my emotions to anyone who can listen

          2. Same here i really dnt knw y thy think its so easy ….i think thr must b sth so in lyf or routine tht cud keep us away to her…i respct n care ur views bt accrdng me the way ….is to accpt the truth of past tht is unchangeable n tht is the thng …impossible fr me fr tht v need sch a friend wth pure feelngs wth whm v cn share ourselves franqly..

        2. REPLY TO nk

          “most of the love is lost between wat should’nt have been said and is said ,and wat should have been said is left
          every person has their own side of story . some people are introvert and they donot share their feelings until it goes
          beyond their tolerance ..firstly if a guy loves u he will try to talk to u at some point but if he feels that u dont care
          about his feelings and if he really loves you ,he just wants u to be happy, he wont “disturb” u again . nobody thinks by
          default that they are “disturbing” other person unless other person does something that makes the former feel it .
          some people are sensitive and think too much about other person when in love so which in ur case may be because u told that
          he treats u “extra special ” sometimes but if he doesnt talk to u that doesnt mean he doesnt love u , some people find it
          hard to express their feelings and dont show it openly like others do . but if u love him tell him that u want to be in
          touch . he is not a mind reader . in today’s world if a guy doesnt talk to u when he could only shows that he is not like
          others guys flirting with every other girl they see , perhaps he actually cares about and is hesitant to hurt your
          feelings.from your post it seems like u love this person even when u are far away and i just wanted to say that sometimes
          life takes our test so dont give up too easy .

          there are a lot of questions like :

          1) did u tell him that u love him ?

          2) if he doesnt talk to u does he talk with other people.( i mean to say about social interaction of the person )

          3) if u love him it doesnt matter that u are a girl why do u always want him to talk to u why dont u try to talk to him,
          everybody likes to talk with people who care for them .u told that u are in pain and disturbed , if u want a solution
          talk to him .

          4) if he is not talking to u then possibilty might be that he may have seen or heard about your friendship with some other
          guy that he may have misunderstood .

          5) what was the situation at time that u shared together ?

          6) u are a grown girl and u know what u want . ask him why did he break contact with u if he really cares about u he will
          have a reason otherwise move on .

          7) as u told that u are pursuing ur career and he is also in same field , both of u may have ur own career problems and
          personal problems try to talk about it . dont blame him without knowing his side of story .

          In my opinion talking pateintly and openly to the person u love is very important . dont rely on luck for success in ur
          relationship, u must act on ur own .


        3. Hii i want to share my views..i met a girl and she came into my life. we become more than friends enjoy each others company..starting mein sab accha lagta h bahut accha..but due to some family problems i decided to breakup.. and i quarelled her due to her mistake..and we decided to not to be in relationship anymore..aftee abt 10 days we started talking each other again but with some cautions..but again fight on phone..this time we didnt talk for 25 days..but she messaged me.. i again become normal nd telk her to be frnds only BUT due to some circumstances i totally decided to get away from each other..11 months have passed away she didnt wished me on my bday..that often was my best bday ever last yr with her..and i also nt wished her..and hv no further chances of being in contact. I am in pain thinking of our best time together, her smile, voice hairs…and think if i go in the past and make everything good..whenever i am in the state of partial conciousness during sleep..flash back comes in my dreams..

        4. same with me i just made someone so special that i always think of her.but the love i have shown is like a burden to her and she replied as it was casual for her being with me whereas a special a year before.cant digest that confused whether true or false.but the thing i felt was my love was a burden for her and i want to forget her which makes her freedom back to her and i want to live without loving her or anyone deeply me if u can

    3. No doubts!! you are absolutely right. I have gone through number of motivational articles but still not able to get over. I love her a lot

      1. Its very difficult to forget someone whom u loved more than anything..I am facing the same..inspite of knowing he had affair I tried to make him under stand.but again he cheated me inspite of so much support..he broke 10 years of trust

    4. this is absolutely right suresh sir…
      sir one girl abhor and abondan me so i think its better to forget him and better to not rebound him and will have to forward in life .
      its necessary to keep our dignity sir..

      1. thanks for a give good suggestion to all people in india.sir.
        sir realy i am saying ur my all like parents and friends..

  1. Thanks for another awesome post. You always write fantastic articles. You have made me your fan. Every day I wait for your thoughtful articles. In this post all the seven points that you have putted here are very effective for the overcome from a break up, but the point no 3. is the most essential and useful way to forget some one. One can not forget some one until he/she get involves in some other works. Don’t let yourself available to miss that person, it will ultimately gives you pain. Make some new goal and keep yourself busy in that and you will automatically get away of that bad memories.
    One thing I would like to recommend instead of missing that person try to find some one new but initially just make friendship and do not involve emotionally. take some time and know each other then if you feel he/she is suitable for you tell your feeling. But please remember that initially most of the people used to show them loveable and caring and as the times passes they change their behavior, So take your time to make some one special.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation Riyaz. :)
      Someone new … yes, but like you’ve said – only if you’re making friends – NOT if you’re looking to “hook up with someone” as a band-aid to your pain. They don’t deserve it. And you don’t need to make another hot-headed mistake either.

      1. Its not possible..i had tried heart always hell speak for hope..that she will some how some what some time will back..and henceforth again in memories of her…i m way to suicide….cant control to self

    2. I was with a man for 5 years..And one fine morning he said, will quit..he told me simply that i didn’t impress him the way he expected..i didn’t utter even a single word and simply expressed my wishes for his new he got married..but still i can’t forget times i asked myself as”why the hell you worried about the person who doesn’t even ready to think about you?????????” its not that much easy to get rid off the memories of 5 beautiful years..but i don’t have any other choice than moving on…i request u frnds plz help me to forget everythig and to start a new life.

  2. Love is sweet part of live & people wish to fall in love with someone & when they fall in love & as they come close to someone they begin to dislike something activities & hobbies of partner ! When time turn to come of break they easy do break up & after break they feel real pain of love. Well Forgetting someone in love isn’t easy task ! I appreciate this post with great tips & trick to Forget Someone You Love & I hope this tips can really help o forgot someone.

    1. Well basically this is for people who’ve been dumped. You can love someone with all your heart, but you can’t force them to love you back. You have to respect whatever is their decision about you, even if it crushes you within. This is for people in that situation.

  3. really nice topic….whatever things you have mentioned n this article is very worthy….but still its very tough to get away from the one we love to the core….sometyms we really dont knw whether has to give up??? or to be n touch with dat person????

    1. Excellent point Hema. You’re right – the real challenge is when you don’t know whether to give up or not. Well I guess it’s always best to continually strive to find certainty, one way or the other. Uncertainty literally breaks people.

      1. Hi frnds let me tell abt my story..I loved a boy for past 6yrs and till now am in love…I heared abt him tht he is play boy but he did’t use me he avoided me…..aft I proposed him….4yr went …..suddenly I msged him ..he said for past 1yr I realized many things.. And started to talk to ….came to meet me… Before he. Avoided me but now totally changed started to spend time with but he said am in Love with another girl….I thought to make me jealous he is doing soo….one day he came to meet me..we traveled together..he holder my hand..I thought it’s love….next day when we meet he said just now my lover called me talked to me..I was blank and I moved…..I called him and asked it’s true tht u HV lover….he did’t reply properly he said just hmmmm ….and he text me be a frnd to me not love thn frm next day again he started to avoid me….I can’t understand what he is thinking what can I do it’s hurting me lot I can’t move away from this what can I do….

        1. Give me some suggestions….. I can’t understand what is going on….I want to be his frnd or just move away from him what can I do …but still am in love him

          1. Am getting disturbed I can’t study….the time I was with him I can’t forget and I can’t accept tht he has a lover paining lot

  4. is it normal to have feelings for some one for 3 years without even having a single complete conversation with her during the same time????

    1. omg!i thought i m the single one who possess such a feeling,but getting some relaxation now,,,i too love someone deeply by 4 yrs without having a single true conversation… I thnk its normal & will not pamper myself that much now…seriously thanks sir 4 ur advice,,,i hope it will surely work on my feelings!

  5. I want to like add a point in this post :-

    PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO LOVE SONGS OR SAD SONGS FOR SOME TIME- It’ll make your condition worse. (Words of experience :-) )

  6. its a very helpful post for those who had been dumped by their partners….but mam mine is not the similar case. i love her a lot and i know she loves me more than that but our family and society does not approve this relation and i know this truth very well….i also made her realize this fact with the best of my efforts and finally we decides that we still remains best of freinds but not in relationship. Now we are trying to move on with our lives but its very painful for both of us to accept this situation and its only getting worse day by day……i dont understand what to do now, should i completely cut away myself from her or is there any other way to cope up with this situation?
    i need some serious help…plzzzz

    1. Ashish, to tell you the truth, remaining friends with someone you want to forget is really not going to help. If you really want to move on, you need to cut off contacts, at least for the time being. If after a few months you still feel you can be friends with each other WITHOUT hurting yourselves emotionally, only then you should rekindle your friendship.
      The Love in India community and I are always there by your side dear. All the best.

    2. I am also facing the same situation. We both are very much in love with each other but my family is against our union because he is financially not strong as us. He made me understand that marriage is not possible between us without our families consent they also love us . We have mutually decided to remain frends and move on in lyf. Its not been a 3 weeks for our breakup and my family has started looking groom for me. I am totally broken up from inside and have no one to talk with. I just feel like going to a quite place and scream and cry a lot but its not possible. My family members always talk disrespectfully bout my guy and show how other guys are richer than him. I am feeling bulk of anger towards my family and dont even feel like coming home from office. I also have started getting guilt feeling as his family was also not comfartable with our union but he made them ready and they were happy bout it……I am going thru lotzzzz of stress, anxiety and miss my guy a lot because i felt sooooo much secure and safe with him……plzzzz help me out somebody,,,,,,,i am dying from inside

  7. Its getting harder to forget her day by Day… am trying hard, But all in vain
    Our moments Spent together is not letting me forget her..
    What should I do??? Help me…. Please

  8. Prachurjya dude,

    Don’t sweat on it…you love her that’s a good thing..continue loving the good memories you had with her…the pain you feel that indicates you are very much alive and emotionally capable to fall in with love with someone in near future..just don’t rush and try things…don’t try to forget that girl dude…she was part of your life..may be for good reasons…

    1. Hahaha.
      Noh il never fall for anybody else.. Because i love her now also…she is my life…But the thing is she left me few days ago because of her family…Her dad dont want her to love somebody rather want her concentrate in her studies…. And for her happiness i decided that il go away from her life…she wants to be my friend…just friends…but i know if we become friends she will be unable to move on in her life…we had a relationship of about 2.5yrs… But for her benefits i am going away from her… Dats the reason

  9. i was in love with one guy due some reason i myself force to go away from him it is so difficult but this post was quite good for me thanks

    1. It’s unfortunate but I believe in your approach – let’s do the best with the reality that we have instead of crying over what we don’t have.

  10. Hmmmmm… :)
    You are right…. And i am not crying now… I am okay..
    And Bdw yesterday one of our common friend told me tat She is happy now.. And what else i want.. If she is happy then m also happy.. Now i can move on and live my life freely.. No worries.. Because i have got what i wanted.. Her Happiness..

    Thankyou Everyone for your supports.. :)

    1. Prachurjya, I”m really proud of you. You’re one of the strongest and softest people I’ve come across, wrt relationships. You’ve taken the right stance – be grateful for the good times you’ve spent and look forward from here on. God bless.

  11. There was dis guy hu was so friendly 2 me and i tuk it for love. He added so mch value 2 my life and made me feel loved, because thr was a point in time, that I felt no one loved me. When he discovered that I was moved by emotions, he told me to forget him. Since then, life has not been the same .It’s bin four months now, but the scar hasn’t gone off my mind. It seems I can’t do without him. I feel so stupid and don’t know what to do right now. Worst of all, he still asks after me, and I’ve cut off all contact wit him.News had already spread that am dating him and I don’t know how to face the shame.

  12. Hi,I’m posting my story.I was in a relationship.after 1 year I felt some problem with my boyfriend.I discussed it with one of my best friend.he was also in love problem and he broke up.After he broke up I realised that I like him.he cared me all the time.then after 1 month he proposed me.he knew that my relationship is at its end and also I like him.after that day he was very busy.he text me twice in a day.he was just I’m trying to make me busy.but all time I think about him.always I look at my cell if there is any message or call from him.I’m trying to get rid of this situation.but it makes me more helpless.I cry all the day.please help.

  13. At last i can try to forget someone, she was just a dream for particular Time in my life,
    Thanks for sharing Good Ideas

  14. I love someone truly madly n deeply..nd she too loves me a lot…we were in a relatnship for 2.5 years bt nw unexpectedly she broke up wid me nd mst probably due to family problem…nw she always says painful words to me nd it hurts me a lot…..i wnt to forget her….i m nt able to concentrate on my studies.what should i do?

    1. A thumbrule of handling pain: Ask yourself, “How would I feel about this five years from now?” Most life situations which make us terribly angry/sad/stressed fail the five year test. Meaning if you ask yourself that question, you’ll realize the event won’t have the slightest effect on your life five years down the line. Once you have that clear in your mind you can breathe easy. Yes it’s a difficult situation, but that’s not a really life-changing, damaging event. So you can handle it, right?
      The next step is to relax. Focus on the good things in life. Indulge in your hobbies, read those books and watch those movies you’ve always longed for. Basically put yourself, your own wellbeing and your own happiness at the center of your life.
      HEre’s something to help you:
      All the best. :)

  15. Really great article.
    Sometimes what happens, you love someone but you can’t tell him/her. By the time he/she gets his/her life partner and you are left with a broken heart, unfulfilled life.
    I am going through this kind of situation right now. But your article, somehow, give me the energy to hold my life again. I have realized there are so many things in my life to take care of, my parents, friends, road side dogs ( yes i m a doggy lover) etc.

    Thanks again.

  16. Actually by his force I got into a relationship but after that I liked him and m scard that my family wont accept him so I told him lets break up but he is ready to do anything for me but m scard that he wil take any wrongsteps ??

  17. I had to lose my friend with none of her mistakes. I behaved very immaturely with her, continuously trying hard for 20 days to get her back. But Now i think i have lost her forever in my life.
    She believed nd trusted me so much.
    Still I keep on blaming myself and am not able to get out of this.

  18. hiee…this is reality.its really very tough to move on when you love someone so deeply but we should accept reality .Everything happens for a reason. someone come in our life not for life time.he just come to do some specific changes in us.i turely understand the feeling of love when you missing his voice, his smile, keep on thinking the reason why he did so? .but everything has a saturation point .one day
    you also feel saturated . stop feeling his presence around you.stay busy .stay beautiful.very yourself . your dreams .your friends ..make smile day you will grow more stronger, genuine, practical person. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

    1. Yes mam I Agee with u but all things depends on our nature and circumstances.what I m is the grosstotal of my past experiences that prepared a special philosophy of life and principles to measure my preferences.

  19. We were very close and loved very truly.. when we opened this to both of our parents..
    Lots of problem arise.. since she is from other religion….. Only option is to go alone and stay with her away from our parents….. I talked to her father, her father begged me to leave her and not to talk to her …

    So we decided not to talk…. and live for parents…

    Really i cant bare this pain… Each and everything remainds of her… i want to forget her…. I want to forget her completely.. i am not normal….

    I followed the above steps.. but still… cant restrict her thoughts…. I am sure she may also feel the same… because she was more caring and affectionate than me… its about 3 months we stopped talking… but still its pains a lot…………

    I never thought love will be this much painful… I want to forget her….. how to get rid of her thoughts .. please say that also…

    Just when i see a girl.. her thought’s coming…

    Please help me.. wants to forget her….

  20. I am fed up with this love. Please advise me how can i remove her from my heart and from my mind.I tried all the tips, but i failed.

  21. Its really vry hard to forget the one whom we love more than ourself :-( I think that trying to forget or to hate someone we love shortly gives a meaning that our love for them was not true & genuine. when we are in love surely we will give many promises,mostly we used to tell them ‘I love you even u hates me & I love you till my last breath’.so here trying to forget ot trying to hate them breaks the promise & make our love for them a false & fancified one and not true & soul love

  22. i loved her with my life

    i cant get angry on her the only thing i can do is love her till end of my life

    people see me like a fool as i am not practicle and old fashioned

    is that true?

  23. Hello,
    Well i dont knw about rest but mine is a complicated story.
    My girlfrend came in my life in 2009 and we were happy until may 5 2014 and then suddenly she told me that her parents are forcing her to marry someone as she is 2 yrs older to me and is settled and m still in my final year of grads. So i thought that lets not push the relation as it doesnt have future but after some time i found that she already cheated me with her boss and she was meeting other guys as well before breakup. And yesterday i found that der is a guy who is 3 yrs older to him and is settled and she had falllen for him and she left me because of him. She still talks to me but its me who dies to talk to her. I cant forget her and i dnt wnt too but because of this i ma not able to concentrate in my studies and my xams are on July mid of this year. Unfortunatley i dont have good friends to share my grief and dont have time for any trip now…. What should i do ????
    Plz Mam help me out i really need something so that i can come out of her and start my life

    1. U know u r standing on a line of destruction n u r nly the savior of ur life …..I dnt want to sae u much bt jus wnt u to think these four ques. Deeply….
      1) Do u again want that girl who cheated u.?
      2)Does she really deserve ur love?
      3)is this the nly girl left in tis world for u?
      4)And last do u have the power to show that, u also cn move on n get a real treasure?
      Bro life in the second name of lemon so make lemonade n think wat ever happens it happens for good . Thnks to god that he showed u real truth otherwise ur life would always sucked u……

      1. Hi.. brother,
        I can very well understand you and your present condition.I am also victim of this type of cheating. I had spend quite lot of money even after i knew that she is cheating me.. once she had attempted suicide after having problem with neighbor who is her new friend. The fellow called me and informed and telling some cock and bull story and i also believed it and spend Rs 33,000 for hospital. Finally, she has started avoiding me and roaming with the neighbor. I started to hate her and she started threatening me with the help of her new friend. I recently came to know that she does this regularly… may be some sort of sickness.. Thank God i am away, but past memories are still haunting me because i loved her to the Core and i spend all i had….

  24. I loved a girl. But I didnt proposed her. Recently I came to know that she is in a deep relationship with my best friend. Please tell me how to forget that girl.

  25. Hi.. your post is good enough… but wen it comes to practical its really painfull to cope up with the situation… next to impossible… i am trying since couple of years, but at the end… somehow wen i distance myself from him…..again like destiny he comes in front of me…. i dont know wat step should i take to completely take him out of my mind and heart…. after couple of days time, again all that past haunts me and it really pains as if glass pieces pierced into my heart……..i need a final solution..i need help …… reply

    1. Well .. I can give u one advice…

      “Always be a donor of love rather than being a Beggar for Love”

      Ur life automatically get change in all the ways…

    2. every thing is possible..dear…wo aapko bhul sakta he to aap kyu nahi bhul sakte??…jese hi yaad aay past ki just minimize it…try it..thode time ke baad aap ka unconcial mind used too ho jayega..aur..dhire dhire bhul jaogi..

  26. Really great post but in my situation i wil meet him daily bcoz we both r wrking in same ofz thn hw can i able to move on… he is everything to me but nw he wants to move out from this relationship…i dono wat to do..i love him to the core… for his happiness oly am trying to come out from this relationship but i cant pls help me..

    1. if he can deal with this situation than..u too.. simple… :)just smile…koi ek aadmi ke jane se…. kuch badal nahi jata…this is the fact…thr r many people who loves u nd care for u…..uske bare me socho…aap apne liye khush nahi reh sakte to jo aapko dekh ke khush hote he unke liye to aap khush rehna sikho…

  27. Hello,

    mera aaj he break up hua hai…meri frnd ne mughse bol diya usko mughse koi relation nahi rakhna..Hamara more than 1 year k relation thaa..

    Maine usko samghane ki puri koshih ki aise ek dum pura rishta khatam mat karo, but woh nahi mani…Kehti hai…mai ab or continue nahi kr paongi…

    Mai bahut pareshaan ho raha hu…samgh nahi aata kya karu..bahut ro raha hu..bahut zyada…man nahi lag raha …tabiyat bhi bahut kharab ho rahi h…

    But usko yeh sb pata hai..den she not forgive me…;;

    Ankit Bhatnagar…

    1. jab use hi nahi padi bhai kyu usko itna yaad karta he…agar tuje pakka vishwas he ko wo tujhe pyar karti he to soch uske bare me… aur janne ne ki koshish kar…kyu aisa kar rahi he..agar tujhe nahi lagta ki tujse wo itna pyar karti he..thn jo bhi sachai he use maan le.. tu sach se bhi to nai bhag sakta…yaadd rakh..” hara lada nahi”

  28. OMG…. i thought im only suffering from this pain… but many are facing pain like me.. but its really very v. v. difficult to stop talking, thinking about him… bcoz he is my life.. but now he is not mine.. what to do?? i hv to face dis situation with heavy heart n tears in eyes.. how to stop thinking abt him? he only made my life colorful but now he is d reason for dark in my life…

    1. my x name was neluu..lolzz…forget it..
      u think he is ur life…u r also life of ur mother right? aap aise udas rahoge to kese chalega….jo bhi fact he uska samna karo…aap ne hi he is nt urs…right.. jo aap ka he hi nahi uske liye rone se kya milega…?/hangout with ur frnds..morning walk..learn musicl,reading a book, bio garpy of famous people,..playing video games… help to ur mom… nd remember “stars are always shine in dark,…” right dear/? :)

  29. i really love smone..jst b4 few mnths he propsed me..we were in a relationshp for about 2 months..after dat he started to ignore me so i decided to forget after a mnth he called me..we r in contact bt niethr of us speaks about our relatnshp…we r jst lyk gud frnds..what shud i do?? its really cnfusng and frustatng…he dsnt even care abt our relatnshp or me!!! i tried a lot to forget its he who is makng it impossble..he cals me or texts me after few days..wat is it??

  30. it’s really so hard 2 forget him..when sumtime I make myself 2 forget him by stop mssging and removing him from the social networking sites…. then suddenly he comes in mah life wid all those lies… and I can’t stop myself from replyng him back.. but after playing with mah feeling and again rising a hope in mah heart.. he lefts me.. wat should I do to forget him plz reply

    1. hii..antra..
      u gave him he didnt desrv…so y r u giving a chance…?

      our heart is very valuable thing..understnd tht…in simple language..yeh khilona nahi hai..aap kyu usko bar bar khelne ki ijazat deti ho…?…be strng…nt give him permsn to play with it..koi aaki feeling ke sath khel raha he aur aap khelne de rahi ho…aap ko lagta he yeh sahi he?//agar aapko lagta he ki jo bhvr wo aapke sath kar raha he wo sahi he to fir aap ki marzi…simple… :)

  31. I have a guy in my lyf , he fell for me n forced so much to get closer….. After I started loving him…he’s is taking me very lightly…..jus ignoring me lyk anything…… Wat should I do

  32. I have a lot of pain …… I’m going mad don’t understand wat to do… besides my studies is getting disturbed. …my parents have a lot of hope on me

  33. Am unable to move on…its been one month and I cant.. He loved like anything b4 but now he has changed a lot…his likes has changed…he keeps on running behind beautiful girls..making them his frnd on fb… n m like stuck…I cry daily … m trying so hard to move on but cant…he keeps on coming in my mind, my thoughts… today I got to know that I even flunked in exam…Have turned so damn feeble that m ending up screwing everything on my way… sometimes I wonder that theres no such thing as LOVE… love doesn’t exist….

  34. Hola! I’ve been following your website for a long time now and finally
    got the bravery to go ahad and give you a shout out from Austin Tx!
    Just wanted too say keep up the excellent work!


  36. Hey
    it,s really a great text
    it help me to forget my true love
    sometime we love someone and we dont tell them . It is too late when we tell them
    same story happened with me .
    A guy proposed me but i just ignored him and till the time i realized that i have felt in love with him . He got some one else.
    And now i feel very sad about losing him;(;(

  37. I am going through the same thing, I loved this guy a lot and it seems he loved me too. There was always a difference though. Our horoscope never matched, but i thought it is not a big deal and persuade an affectionate relationship with him, hoping for things to change for good. his family astrologer said that our match is of no good. In spite of all these we use to talk and above all he use to take the initiative to keep in touch with me, yes he was no fully committed but he use to keep in touch and that was quite a lot for me. I started growing feelings and hope but somewhere use to feel he is searching for a perfect match, anyways, so i confronted with him and asked him that if he is seeing someone or not and he said he is talking to another girl, I was heart broken and asked him to give me some time off, as I never wanted to spoil the friendship but was willing to mend my heart first. Without giving me any time he contacted me the next day which made me feel that may be he likes me and wants to work out and hence keeping in touch. But his behavior started changing and asked him once more and asked for time out and made it clear to him that I don’t wish to spoil the friendship but want some time off, after that everything ended in a ugly note. I feel bad thinking about whatever happened, I seriously wanted things to work our between us, I really wanted this guy, he was caring, but nothing i could do. I miss him a lot. I even tried to contact him but he never answered back. I know I am in fault coz I tried contacting him, but at the end of the day I am just a girl who is in love with this guy who doesn’t care at all.

  38. I m vry confused right now…we r in relationship since 3 years…I knw he loves me….nd I also love him a lot…he is my life…my oxygen…reason for my survive….

    I can understand his all things….even I told him that if he is happy without me then also I m happy for him…

    I dnt knw wht hapens bt now a days he is behaving vry different……
    For 1 moment he says he loves me a lot n suddnly says I dnt evn matter for him…I m no1 for him…

    Many times I thought to talk with him about al this…but he gets angry on that….

    So I think I have to stay away and try to forget him….which is like impossible for me….cz I dnt have anyone else in my life….no other frds too….
    Please help me out to solve my state of mind (confusion)

  39. Maim i had relationship with my lover 3 years .now i m married but still not forget her .she hats me lot as i have not do anything for save our relationship . but now i realized my mistake . I met her she is happy with someone .

    Please help me how i forget her…….please please help me

    1. Mr aman leave every thing try to love ur wife its d only thing u can do, more it is the only thing which makes you out of ur pain nothing else u can do anything
      Think abt ur wife hw pitty of her she trustd u being with her life long with love n happies ….if u still love ur xxx hw she must b feeling ……if ur wife has d same story like u n has feelings like u hw u would have felt abt ur wife ……its nt good ….think abt ur wife may b she is best 4 u tats y god made u to leave ur xxx….think positive …jus think hw ur gal frd is happy with someone den y cant u b happy with ur wife…..atleast start nw to love ur wife

    2. Mr aman u can forget her only by loving ur wife moreover it is d only way u can come out of that pain…..past is past it happens in everybody’s life….hw sad ur wife must b feeling, who trusted u to b life long giving love n lots n happines ,if she noe abt that u still love n want ur xxxx…..jus think if ur wife has same story like u n has same feeling wt u hav nw , then hw u must hav felt abt ur wife …….think positive may b ur is d best 4 u thats y god made u 2 loose ur xxxx……atleat nw try 2 love ur wife ……dun do another mistak by loving ur xxxx even after mariag…..,..forget all things n 1st love ur wife then see hw ur life will b …… all d best for ur nw lyf with ur wife

    3. you are the person who ditched her so why now you worrying? let her happy stay away from her and if you want to be happy just love your wife now why you ditching her is it your birth right or what?
      if you missing your exgf its your karma whose following you and you know how much it hurt when some one left you never understand

      my suggestion is to stay away from your ex let her happy dnt made her life like hell and love your wife now she is your everything so dnt make her suffer due to you other wise god will never forgive you

  40. Miss nil jus forget him may b he is nt truly in love with u…..den y u love him, y u take risk , try to aviod him….indulge ur self in some work or something else which u like ……wen ever he comes to ur mind think tat he is not worth to b with u, he dont deserve u at al

  41. I loved someone for 3 years and she broken up. We are friends now but the things still.hurts me. I don’t know what exactly I should do? Please help….

    1. stay away from her dude if she dont have feeling for you then you always be hurted

      dnt hurt yourself just try to be happy and you will be happy when you stay away from her think about your life goals and your family

      who knows one day you will find a loving person

  42. its really hard to forget somewhom we love with all of our heart
    i love someone with my heart we were in relationship for 6years we were about to marry next april but suddenly she ditched me and be in relationship with other guy
    now i dnt think much about her why to think for the person who does not deserve my love
    but people always realiZe it one day that they did mistake of their life i am now trying to be happy giving time to my job and try to be happy i know god has made some one special for me my friend told me you are very nice person and god never do bad with nice people
    i know its tough but i am managing why i am telling because i want to make every one aware who has been ditched or left out by bf or gf that they are best and they deserve best so move on and stay happy if he or she will be happy then why not you as you have full right to be happy in your life ditching person always pays to god so dnt think to take revenage etc just let it as it is god is listening and watching

    by the way nice article

  43. Yes u are right but I don’t know what can I do for this time … I don’t want to forget her but I also don’t want to live with her please tell me how I forget her my number is 8358082531 plz whatsapp me

  44. I am suffring from a break up having a relation of 6 yrs,,…he dnt cares abt me, n can liive even without talking 2 me,….he didnt call me from 25 days,….n mei ghut ghut kr mar rhi hu, bt he…..on the phone, he strted disresing me,….bt still i m talking him softly,…i thot I’ll not talk him bt,,i cnt live without him,…he is sooo bsy,..tht he nvr call me, n whn i call him.. he says wht,..whyy did u calk me???,,… he taalks me so rudly,…i alsoo talk him rudly,…bt i alwz tke d 1st step,… plz tell me how do i forget him???….m trying so much,….bt still i hopes he will call me,….i had made so many dreams vid him…wht abt thm??? Plz suggst me somthng

  45. I like this blog..I have a problem.I m married but soonly I discovered my hubby is cheating on me…in between that period I accidently met my x boyfriend..he loved me so much …due to emotional attachment I told him every pain of my life…my husband doesn’t loves me the way he does..I have a connection wid him..I don’t knw what to do..should I continue my emotional relationship wid my x.

  46. we were worked in same organization. then i planned to join in other firm to get more money. After i came out from there, She broke up with me through phone and she shifted to some other organization. but i didn’t join in any work. since it happened before 45 days, i couldn’t forgot her.

    So now i am planning to join in the organization which she works currently. is that correct? or i have to maintain distance or what i have to do? i am eager to join in that company.

  47. My Relatn breaks on 1jan 2015 and I won’t be able to forget 24*7 I miss her plz do tell me Pyar hai Ya saza tutta kyu nh dard ka sil sila.Plz dosto me sucide krna chata hu Koi Btao me sahi hu

    1. no dear ..u should not take wrong get over from a relationship ..try to find sm new relationship.. its really working.thre must be smone who will truly love u.just ..look around urself..everyone has a chance to get real love

  48. i have my love with the years now she just get too far frm me by feelings.she make mob switch off even may not contact me-and just i want to die
    dosto btao mujhe sucide kar lena chaiye na main uske bina ji nahi sakta

    1. Abey teri wali to phone hi nahi utha ti meri wali ne to bhaag ke apne pahele wale boyfriend ke sath shaadi karva li or shaadi karne ke baavjud uska dusra boyfriend bhi hai.. Shaadi or boyfriend or mein kya tha uski life mein ek saal tak mujhe khud ko nahi pata… Mein bhi suicide karne ka soch raha tha revenge lene ka soch raha tha… But socha yaar aisi ladki ke liye hum kyu suicide karein yaar…. haan bhulna mushkil hai naa mumkin to nahi.. Rona aayega par marna nahi… yehi sochke chalo…

  49. I need ur help to forget sm1 whom i love most.. Actually i cnt live without him.. Bt due to sm family reason he broke and i also think that smwhere he is true his actn bt the truth is that he also loves me badly bt i knw there is no future 4 us together.. So i jst want to move on nd cope up with my situation.
    I want to forget him forever plz help me

    1. pehli baar kisi ladki ko dekha kisi ko bhulna chahti hai aisi ladki hume kyu nahi milti… Hum hai ki sala uss ladki ke liye apne aap ko bhul gaye..

    2. See u both have the solution just go and marry with each other… u will live happily and family apne aap maan jayegi this thing i bet you…

    1. I m also passing from same situation . she want to leave me but I can’t forget her for a single moments . so let’s lov enough to let them go far from us

  50. Hii..i was in a relationship with someone for over an year..then we got engaged..something went wrong and i had to say no for marriage..i felt guilty about it and approached him again..he got agree and everything almost went back to normal. everybody was ready for marriage..but after 5 months and 2 months before the wedding date his family refused for was extremely painful..i cried my eyes out for weeks…i did not talk to him for more than a month not even asked the reason…but then i felt the urge to know why he did so…and i called..he could not explain my parents are forcing me for arranged marriage…i am not able to forget him and start afresh… even i know i have suffered a lot because of him..but i still have feelings for him…i still have hope and i still cry…sometimes feel helpless…please help

    1. @Shubha – From what you’ve described here it looks like a case of revenge. Well…you said no to this guy after getting engaged. This would have hurt him emotionally and his EGO (some guys can have a big one)…So when you went back to him he probably just saw it as an opportunity to give you a taste of your own medicine.
      And he did exactly the same….calling off the engagement.

      I’d suggest that you forget him….and no harm as such in arranged marriage. In case you don’t want arranged marriage, talk and explain to your parents. Normally Indian parents wouldn’t listen…especially if you are 27+….but you can always convince them to give you some time….say an year….and start looking….there r a lot of good guys out there….hope you find true love :)

    2. Its very much better that u know before marriage. Life partner selection is so important.we all are suffering because of wrong selection.My wife is top of a psycho..i tried alot …i got clear picture that she will never change..our marriage happened just a year ago..iam giving my example,since i choose a wrong wife..choose somebody suites to fulfill your life goals..This is correct time..its better u got cheated before marriage..but most of the people like me are cheated after marriage and we cant do anything now..

    3. If he don’t want you then why should reserve a place in heart for whom who heartless. You should talk to your parents to give you time .You will surely find another because time is best .medicine so don’t think too much just remember your childhood ambition and dreams and just work on them .good luck. But at last its unforgettable the people who u once loved..

  51. What I have experienced in mah life is dat
    We fall madly for the person who is above our expectation level more than our standards
    If a girl feels like she can’t get better than that guy she get too much serious same condition implies for boys
    Bt the response is different and serious feelings are made fun bcoz of strange and possessive behaviour that being developed bcoz of high expectations for not losing that gem kinda person and when we give so much value to a person our values gotta diminished in the eye of other person and then we lose our value and our basic identity.
    People go agaist parents against everyone for that person
    We change ourself totally for the happiness of that person
    Bt if we truly deserve something then I don’t think we have to strive that much hard for that. And the person to whome u giving so much importance and value will Nvr value you bcoz all needs and demands are getting fulfilled and he or she will chase only that person whome they will feel like hard to get and finally when they get them u will get cheat

  52. I was in a relationship with a guy fir almost 6 years and then a month and few days back he told me that his family is intrested in a girl but he will refuse to see her… Then a few days later I called up his brother to check if everything was fine and I got to know that the relationship has been fixed between my bf and that girl a week back… I spoke to him and he said that he was about to tell me but wasn’t sure how? His father pressurized him and he couldn’t oppose him.

    And he cried a lot.

    Post that I contacted his mother and his father after which he gathered all the courage he had and spoke to his father and his father said he would die but will not let this happen as it’s about his reputation and he won’t allow an intercast marriage..

    I tried all I could and he kept on saying nothing can be done now…. It’s over…. I love my family.

    He is getting married on 25th den and has now started treating me badly and doesn’t take my calls… And I m not able to move on because of all the memories we share and the promises he made that he won’t leave me and will love me forever… It’s such a pain I don’t know what to do…. Please HELP!!!!

  53. its easy 2 say forget..!
    nd hard 2 do
    though u do…memories with dhe person strikes throughout ur life.nd each second u remember it,u will cry over dhe past…so,its better 2 handle dhe situtaions carefully instead breaking-up

  54. I am loving a guy since 6 yrs but m not happy wit him and he s also not happy wit me after knowing the fact we both r not ready to breakup..but I love him a lot n he always hurts me so much he makes me cry everyday jus bcoz our marriage s fixed recently we are not able to get break up…Hw much ever I try to not be in touch wit him also I can’t stay without talking to him..he has taken me into granted..

  55. my story is me and my university frnd are in love with the same boy and firstly that boy proposed my frnd thorugh me and after that he said to me that he is not happy with her and he is really in love with me.i trusted him because he was gud frnd of minebut he was unable to leave that girl and we made our relation secretly not to disheart my frnd and may be she will demafe me for what i have done with her in all class so we did told her. suddenly things are change with in one year and know my boy friend to whom a really love dont supporting me and my frnd is came to know that some thing is there between us so she asked me to stay away from boyfriend was quite on that but he is convincing me in absence of my frnd that he is not decieving me i think he is deceiving me.he is still saying he will leave that girl but doing nothing .. suddenly two days before i read his msgz on fb nd my frnd regarding romance and marriage…. i am a stupid i dnt know he is sincere to me or not how can i judge plz help me i am in great trouble i am nothing without him..he did not even know that i read his msgz….plz help plz

  56. ,.my x gf is now my best friend,but I feel so bad everytime shes wd her bf,how can I tell her I cant go on like this bcoz Im still loving her deep inside…how can I forget her

  57. my very complicated… I loved..him from wen I was in love….still I wonder how love happened in tat age….k….I proposed him first….he agreed we have age diff f 6-7 years….we used to talk chat….tat fellow is my relation …only….but parents got to knew….it got broked up….wr I was in 8 std….even tat time I lost my mother….years went n….after 3 years again cme to contact….while tatt time I was in 1 st PUC ….again parents scolded by tat time I lost my grandmother…. and D’s time it was serious conflicts f …parents again broke up….after D’s I joined engineering in tat mess….I didnt spoke to him….he was smewr corner in my heart 5-6 Years over..and nw I am in 8 sem I got marriage proposal from Dr parents I agreed even he again contact fr 2 months went mad n each odr recollection.f past preparation fr future…. but Dr parents suddenly said no…..I dnt knew y…..being relation dy wer asking dowry…. we wr not in position to give also…..I donno y it is happening to me like D’s……but fr sure I can’t imagine someone in his place……

  58. I really lov u shabbir i cnt frgt u 4 eva.
    i lovd sum 1 a lot bt due to famly prsure i gt married to sum 1 els. I stil cnt frgt my x bf.each nd evry tym he cums dwn to ma mind. I dnt ve ne mentl match wd ma husbnd.i really wanna b wd ma luv pls frnz answr me wt shud i do???

  59. Feeling very uneasy. Cant focus anywhere. Even going out is so tough for me. As if some buddy has torn off the heart from the chest.
    Cant even tell to family as they will be upset. Dont know what to do..

  60. Thanks for the post.. recently i had a break up with my girl friend she ditched me like no one will face such kind or i dnt want any one to face it.
    She was having boyfriend and she told me that she had a break up with that guy on this condition i moved on in relationship with her but all of sudden she stopped talking with me i found out that she had another guy in her life. when i try to contact her that guy only told me that your girlfriend got married.

    Now i found that my girlfriend got married with her 1st Boyfriend and this guy is her boyfriend she is working in his office than what the hell i was in her life…..
    Married with the 1st lover even her parents dont know this thing that means she love him but than why she kept relationship with the other guy after she got marry and what she was doing with me.

    Can you please help me I just want to forget this girl i dont want her and i was so serious about her but she ditched me so badly.

  61. For the 1st time I feel dat the Caste system and the orthodox nature of certain families are a curse…..the girl m in love with also loves me a lot but doesn’t wana marry me coz she hates love marriage(as both of us have different caste and linguistic backgrounds)!!!!!!!I mean hw cn she love me and yet say no 2 marriage coz of the issue of caste and language??n nw m fighting a lonely battle to decide on wat 2 do abt dis……..

  62. believe me ..its not so easy to forgot..its impossible for me ..i tried so hard but everytym it doesn’t even matter ..

  63. dear subha’s noone gonna help u ..u have to help urself by own ..u have to fight with ur own inside feelings of luck..

  64. its possible to keep them away frm your thoughts fr sm tym bt its impossible to forget the one whom u thought of spending whole ur life with wen u hv lived fr a period of time with thm togther bound in a relationship of marriage. its really impossible

  65. just ignore all things that was related to your beloved, and stop listening sad songs , by doing this you wont be able to forget completely either but you will feel less pain…

  66. U r right -love in india
    Those who really wants to forget,they can. . . .
    But there are few narrow minded people who are unable to forget. . . .

  67. First of i would like to thank you to create this post as it’s very helpful and thanks who shared their feelings.
    I am I relationship with a married women who have 1 child and of age 1.5 year. She is sister of my best friend
    I went in my best friend marriage on that time I behave like her brother. After that I came back to my home after two days she asked me about my girlfriend I told I don’t have any girlfriend then she proroposed me that she love me and can’t live without me. I accepted her proposal because I wanted to get true love she told me that she is living with her husband as friend. She married him because she don’t wanted to marry a stranger. She wanted to become independent. Now she became. independent it’s just sort term relationship but now her husband is not a living as friend now he is showing that he is husband. now she is saying you sattel first and live with me. But now I am thinking that she is lied me at the time of proposal she is agreed to as I was but now she want that I should be shateld first then she will give me time. now I think she is changing so I want to change my self. Whenever I ask for breakup she says I will sueside I am very confused. What to do. I am afraid of this situation. Kindly help me if someone can..

  68. i love a girl ..nd she loves me too!!we have a 4 months relationship of true love ..i feel very depressed and my heart beat is abnormal every time!! i cant suffer the pain of her absence..
    she lives infront of my house.

    plzz help me wht should i do.
    i dont want to marry but i love her truly!!

    my life is destroyed!!
    i want to leave her without breaking her heart!
    i love her!!
    i am the person who spoiled his own life.even
    aftr knowing that i can’t survive with pain of love!!
    i always remembering our scenes of kissing..
    whole day.
    nd nothing comes in my mind without her thoughts

    she loves me too much

    ! i can’t hurt her!!

  69. I love one guy just met one month back.and he already has one can i come out of it and forget him

  70. I have spent three weeks in pain.. Was unable to eat much was unable to concentrate on exams .. Now I am as hard as a rock without any feelings.. But still there are crushes in my life who hurt me often.. I learned to move on.. Its not as easy as I say..

  71. I loved her very much. She used to go to SHOPPING, MOVIES, HOTELS for lunch. But unfortunately My MOM got CANCER to which doctor said “there are very less chances of my mother to SURVIVE. It has reached to LAST STAGE”. In order to look after my MOM, I was unable to perform office task, which resulted me to QUIT my JOB.

    During this phase as soon as she came to know about my MOM’s condition & tat I had Quitted the JOB. She blocked me from her Phone as well as from WATS App.

    M in that phase, where I don’t have any money for my MOM’s treatment neither do I have a Job. & she left me alone rather than supporting me. She BETRAYED ME.

  72. i was in a relationship few year back or can say before my marriage, i proposed her for the marriage several time but as always she refuse to, for the sake for her family, after my marriage she again came to my life and we had started meeting, that time i was not happy with my marriage life there is so many complication because of my in laws side.
    the point is still after so many years i am not been able to forget her, guys tell me what to do and i just want to help her she is in some bad circumstance and because.

  73. I Love a girl, from last 2 years. But when i proposed her, she refused(about 2 years ago)
    I started ignoring her, and i forgot her. But now for last 3 months she’s again started talking to me, and I’m again in love wid her. I hadn’t met her since march 2 but now i jzt want to meet her and want to tell her that how much i love her, but i couldn’t.
    But I’m having a fear of again rejection…
    And i know how much i love her and i can’t live widout her…
    Now what should i do???

  74. Hey All,

    The problem with all of us (including me) is we have shared love to the wrong person..! Its so strange that good girls fall in prey to bad guys and vicer versa… Advise is a free and easiest things to do, but being in pain really kills…. Oh.. “Just kills”… The brain in the morning starts with their thoughts and ends with their thoughts…. But one thing that I believe is that time is the best medicine… You believe it or not…!!! Everything is going to be okay one day…!!

  75. in love vid him since nearly 2 14 years I have mind maturity…I love him a lot he tooo..he 19 yrs…today for sumthimg reason he quarrelled vid me & matter was sort out then..he told let’s be frnds no misunderstanding…BT I Dint agree coz if we become Frndz again will become close & move closely…in all wayzzz….I finally decided to forget him coz I don’t wnt him to be disturbed from me…I told him I’ll forget u..he too felt sad & accepted ur wish antha….nw am in trouble hw to forget him?June 6 th his birthday… day after tomorrow….I tld I’ll wish u receive d call….should I call him or what?????….puzzled…

  76. I m in love with a guy from lst yr…I hd a pst and I told him evrythng abt this.. he didn’t blvd that I m truly in lve with him…he told me to leave my frds ..I did…but he is still not blvng that I have left all that…these days he is in touch with another girl who works at the SME place as of his..I asked if he likes her then tell me…but he said that he still love me..but I don’t think .we hd not talk for
    more than a month…that girl is changing his mind against me..I don’t how to come over this ….plzzzz help…

  77. I fallen in love wid the person i never met… i knw it sounds kiddish… aftr being very much mature nd practical person, still i did this… besides dat he approached me, proposed me, loved me….bt nw everythng has been changed…
    nw for him every thng is impt. except me although he dont say this thing through his words, bt his action speaks..
    dont knw wat to do…whether to go lyk ds nd wait for him…or not to indulge more in ds……
    any1 can help?

  78. Bt when i started to. Forget him.. I started to. Fall in love with him again.. Bt the difference was that.. Now cant say to him.. Bt i started to love him more n more.
    I cant understand!

  79. I was in love with person..but few months back we broke has been four months he never called never texted..he only sent LinkedIn request once…I always wait for him..I can’t do job also as I live in village..and giving bank exams but not qualifying..I m very disturbed with love and career failure both..

  80. Its very Helpful but whenever I think of her i lose my power of reasoning , whenever I open my book her face comes in front in my mind therefore my focus is on her besides my studies and after I am not able to understand anything what is written in the book plz help

  81. hey guys plzz help me too my situation is very different and typical I need your opinion. I am in love with a men 8 years senior then me he is married also but he loves me and me too we both are madly in love with each other but I was not aware about his married life before and when I know these things about him I decided to quit from this relationship and he leave all on me what would be my decision he will accept so accordingly we decided to stop this relationship here. But now it’s very tough for me to forget him I am trying for a month but unable to forget him I feel like I lost it’s not in my hand to forget him. I’m very emotional girl when I start loving someone then it’s not possible for me to hate him or forget him. Sometimes I prepare myself to compromise with my life and continue loving him as a 2nd women in his life which is totally wrong but I’m helpless.. what to do???

  82. Love never dies,,,, only situation changes,,,, I also want to make my self busy to forget someone,,,, BT all the time I look my cell,,,,,, it’s painfull period,,,,
    Now I leave everything upon god

  83. I love a guy bt he hurted me alot ..
    I m preparaing fa exams bt I can’t concentrate on studies wt would I do

  84. Nice post but you didnt mention how it work.i have been in relationship with a girl for 8 years (3.5 years of live in ).she married to some one else.may be she is happy in her married life,even i wish she always happy.I left the city ,left frinzs circle ( after break Up i understand i don’t have any frinz which i called mine), left every people who remind me of my 8 years but still dont forget her.HOW CAN I FORGET EVERY MOMENTS WHICH I SPEND WITH HER?

  85. the best rule is rule no. 2 ….just console ur soul to accept those tough situation in ur life as it accept the peak level of happiness at the tym of love…hey u f*** me***…u r such a blush….go to hale…..

  86. hey subha…u r seemed to be a very good lady…might have ur bf is not in love wid u…but accept the truth….he was no more longer wid u…forget him considering a beautiful drm…jst forget him…u should agree for ur arrange marriage…fuck him with his decision..

  87. I loved a girl for 6 years, suddenly i proposed her at one midnight… she shocked herself and said I am sorry but i realised that it was my mistake for waiting to say her my love…. Because i thought that she will cut off my friendship and never talk to me.. Sometime i felt very sad and slept on the clouds of hurtness…….. After that i understood that this is not the end of my love… One truth is that the person you love understands you, she will also help to forget her by giving positive quotes,thoughts about my life… Now it is helping to me to move on in my life…..

  88. Hey all, I was/am in relationship(confused) from 8 years wid a very good guy.After my 11th we started as freindship then we did our enginneering together after that i got a job and move to other place he was left at the same. then after sometime i found new friends colleagues busy in work also bt giving tym to him as we both set our mind for marriage we loved each other so much daily talk at phone,whatsapp and meet on every month. But the differences also created.
    Bhot ladai hone lagi kyuki me office ki team parties me gayi ya jo boys me mere frnds h unse baat kar li me sab kuch btati thi usko kyuki me kuch chupana nai chahti thi or baad me ladai hoti thi choto choti baton pe aise hi karte karte 1.5 year ho gaya or 1 din baat karna hi mushkil ho gaya. koi bhi ladai hoti choti si toh purani sari batein sari ladai sune ko milti and it’s get too irritating nai samjh me aaya ki wo kyu lad rha tha mujse pyar karta h fir bhi mujse itni problem ho rahi thi useh or aaj baat karna band ho chuki h jis rishte ko mene 8 years diye wo 1 dum se tut gaya khud ko kaam me busy rakhne ka try karti hu pr baar baar dimag usi k liye sochta h usne meri proffesional life nai samjhi or choto choti baton ko bhot bada kar diya. So m confused ki me kya karu useh manane ko try kiya bt uska ego useh nai mane deta.

    1. yeah same story runs with me but opposite gender…woh isliye aisa behave kar raha kyunki woh tujh se jyada pyar kartha hy…agarr tu aapke bf se ek week baat karna chod de agar woh feel ho ke tujhe msg kiya tho samaj jha woh tere se mohabat ka raha abhi bhi….but usey thodi ego problem hogi shayad…kuch fikar math karo…wahi problem chal rahi hy mere se…

  89. Hey all, I was/am in relationship(confused) from 8 years wid a very good guy.After my 11th we started as freindship then we did our enginneering together after that i got a job and move to other place he was left at the same. then after sometime i found new friends colleagues busy in work also bt giving tym to him as we both set our mind for marriage we loved each other so much daily talk at phone,whatsapp and meet on every month. But the differences also created.
    Bhot ladai hone lagi kyuki me office ki team parties me gayi ya jo boys me mere frnds h unse baat kar li me sab kuch btati thi usko kyuki me kuch chupana nai chahti thi or baad me ladai hoti thi choto choti baton pe aise hi karte karte 1.5 year ho gaya or 1 din baat karna hi mushkil ho gaya. koi bhi ladai hoti choti si toh purani sari batein sari ladai sune ko milti and it’s get too irritating nai samjh me aaya ki wo kyu lad rha tha mujse pyar karta h fir bhi mujse itni problem ho rahi thi useh or aaj baat karna band ho chuki h jis rishte ko mene 8 years diye wo 1 dum se tut gaya khud ko kaam me busy rakhne ka try karti hu pr baar baar dimag usi k liye sochta h usne meri proffesional life nai samjhi or choto choti baton ko bhot bada kar diya. So m confused ki me kya karu useh manane ko try kiya bt uska ego useh nai mane deta.

  90. I m in a relationship 4m last 6 yrs……. I dunt knw y…. I think now he dunt luv me at all… But itz very tough 4r me 2 4get him…. I mean I can’t even ignore him 4r a sec…. I dunt knw wat I m going to do…. Sometyms I think I m ruining my Lyf just bcoz of dat single person…. But on d other syd I attracted towards him,towards my luv…. He always makes me cry he never give me his tym…. He always used to say I m busy wid my work…. I huv a lot of stuffs 2 do…. Plzzzz guyzzzz I wanna out of dis relationship…. Plzzz help me for god sake….

  91. Help me to come out from my past …recently broken up .for whom I did lot of things n he moves on with odr gal…how to remove him from my mind

  92. I am in relationship in 3 N half year bt now my bf talks with me rudely he says me village girl he didnt said till now that he wants breakup N I m too addictive of him i cant even live a single day talking with him what should i do…??

  93. 3 years i waited forhim , without seeing , without talking, only with a strong belief that he loves me,and my eyes wont lie to me. but what happened ? last day i told him what i feel. he and his fiancee insulted me.. what should i do. now feel like death is better.. help me friends to overcome this situation. i dnt want to die. my father committed suicide last year. i dont want to give my mother such a pain again.. help me

  94. i lost my confidence. i feel im nothing, nobody is gonna like me, still i think he lied to me, once he will call me, he did that for my goodness, he still loves me. his fiancee was a lie,, tell me friends how can i move on from this

  95. Very thoughtful and pragmatic piece of advice. I quite liked them.
    I know this is a superfluous query but would you recommend staying in touch with someone u have shared intimacy even after three years for academic reasons. I dumped him. He quite accepted it and yet i felt the pain. Now we are in touch for some collaborative work. Is their any ulterior motive on his part?

  96. Plzzz help me…..I can’t forget a girl ..even this 7steps I have followed. ……….Iam deeply in love with her but she is bot accepting my love …. plzzzzz help me anybody plzzzz yaar

  97. its true….something that i want few months in my life bearly…bt now i am thinking she is nt mine…she becomes to be someone…so i want to forget her…..good byeee ARYAMA……i loved u….bt there is no love fr me which can i see…

  98. she cheated me………
    many times….dhokha….hi diya h usne kyuki mere sath uska or k sath bhi affair h …me use bhot jyada chahtahu……pr sayad use mera 5 years ka pyar boring laga …otherwise shr lovr me…….i want to die…..
    really i want to forget her………

  99. She dont not want to talk me in any condition i tried very much but she want to take off me. But i cant forget him. She forget me perhaps.bcos she hate me but i still love her. Fortetting someone is very difficult

  100. I loved someone and he also.but then he fall in love with a girl at college place.they had spent a great time much close and attached.he nvr told me about that.stoped talking to me.said that i am doubting him and thatswhy he dont want to continue relation.i was in doubt for 2yrs and finally i came to know the reality by her sister.he then accpted dat he loves her more then den his college was over.he wnt back home.and he again started talking and involving with me bcz i was mad for him.i forgive him for evrything coj i dont want to loose him.we again started our relation bt he said dat he love dat girl vry mch.i cried and say to go away frm me bt he didnt.den i told to dat girl by taking num frm his mobil dat he want relationshp with me.dat grl was in shock.bcj she also loved her.aftrt many quarrrls and discssn he said that he want to be with me.dat girl also accepted saying dat they both cant be together bcoj the girl was from haryana.boy was from dehradun.and if grl marry him their parents will kill dem.he said me to stay in his lyf.i trusted.we again get so much close .bt i was in doubt again coj many times i thought he loves her.he always said that it waa mistak and he loves me vry whnevr i tak her name saying that you have cheated an its difficlt to trust u.he always scold me so badly that i stopped saying whneve i want to share about that pain and feeling dat he love someone othr.he always scold me dat i making relation worst and irritating him.i realy love him so i tried to b with him evrn aftr so much day i saw pics of his past grlfrnd in his laptop.he didnt delete drm evn after 4yrs of their brkup.and that pics cleatly shows their closeness and love.fst tym i aaw them togethr in pics.all pain of past made me cry and mad.i was feeling intense pain.coj it hurts to see ur love with smone else .he said dat he frget her bt still have their all memories.i asked him bt as always he scolded me and said that aal is fault of ur thinking.i dont want to talk to u.i burnt all his gifts.i was in so much pain.he didt try to talk to me once.blocked me frm whatsap and my number.i saw my whataapp whwre i saw her old gf unblocked me jst after his and mine quarrel.she blocked me earlier .her status was dat some relations are too close.and she is feeling bf dind try singl time to ask me to stay in his lyf.he jst behaved as he did when he had relationshp with dat girl.i am in the aame situation i was 4 Yrs back.they are happy and i think again togrther.he always said that they dont have any i dnt knw they evr stopped or not.its jst killing me.same persn again broken my trust.and he is happy with her.she also.they have strong bond of love for each other.i am feeling hlpless.i am blank.vry if i will say anythng to him.he will scold me.i knw i should notdistrb them.voj they love each othr vry why he nvr told me.why came clos to me again if he love her.pls smone hlp me to frget all and nvr dstrb dem its really killling me

  101. She said she likes me, commited she love me, but she has a boyfriend. Once I said how weird is he, she jumped being protective for him, that very moment broke me, because I was there with her in all times. I made her feel special, how beautiful is she. That day I told her its probably the last time we’d be talking. And its just 3rd day. I’m struggling with my emotions. :(

  102. I love my girl aloot bt she is geting married because im of different religion n she is of different v cant marry.she is geting married next week. And now she does not even talk to me. Her parents have searched a guy for her. Its arrange and she is not happy with the marriage. I want to know weather she will for me and start loving her husband. Will she ever contact me? How can some1 love her hubby when she loved her me aloot.can you pls help me

  103. I love my girl aloot bt she is geting married because im of different religion n she is of different v cant marry.she is geting married next week. And now she does not even talk to me. Her parents have searched a guy for her. Its arrange and she is not happy with the marriage. I want to know weather she will for me and start loving her husband. Will she ever contact me? How can some1 love her hubby when she loved her me aloot.can you pls help me

  104. Hi all of you…anyone can help me? i want to forget him he is nothing but my husband.after 2 years of marriage now we are going to he is telling lie to me.may he like some other girl.his all family giving so much pain to me.he simply said go from my life but. i am deeply involve with him..,,before he also love me but that girl spoil my life can you please help me how to forget him.
    its very pain full to me to live my life without him .I cant live…but want to show him that i can live happily.and go to i consult with psychiatrist also..i cant stop to think about him which is very painful for me

  105. Hi all of you…anyone can help me? i want to forget him he is nothing but my husband.after 2 years of marriage now we are going to he is telling lie to me.may he like some other girl.his all family giving so much pain to me.he simply said go from my life but. i am deeply involve with him..,,before he also love me but that girl spoil my life can you please help me how to forget him.
    its very pain full to me to live my life without him .I cant live…but want to show him that i can live happily.and go to i consult with psychiatrist also..i cant stop to think about him which is very painful for me

  106. Its very hard to forget a girl. I loved like a hell from three years. My love is really true but she hates me…she dont want me any more. Its is very hard to me to to live this life…I hate myself.

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